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  1. bob466

    Something To Make Us Laugh.

    Not new but still funny...
  2. bob466

    How To Re-Name a Flash Drive/External HDD in Linux Mint with The Gnome Disk Utility.

    A few years ago I discovered how to do this in Linux Mint...which comes in very handy especially if you have two Flash Drives plugged in at once or if you have Booted to your Mint ISO...mounted the main Drive and want to transfer files to another Flash Drive. Plug in Flash Drive or External...
  3. bob466

    Karens Anyone ?

    Here's another one...
  4. bob466

    Windwoes anyone...

    If you like windwoes have a look here and see what you're missing. ;)
  5. bob466

    How To Install and Use Virtualbox.

    There are many people who have so much trouble with Virtualbox ,:eek: it's really not hard. I've been using it for years, I've found the best way to learn is by watching videos from people who know what their doing. Here are a few videos from a guy who makes it so easy to understand, the...
  6. bob466

    I'm new.

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the Forum,I have been using Linux for several years but I'm no expert. I'm the average Linux user and use it every day, I love Linux and would never go back to Windoze. :D