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    I would like to split a widescreen LG monitor using Ubuntu 22.04

    Hello everyone, I recently bought an LG ultrawide display 29WL500-B, 29", WFHD, 75Hz, Freesync monitor, it comes with a software with which you can split the screen with ONSCREEN CONTROL. I am now using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, is there any alternative for linux to split the monitor for higher...
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    ACPI error after installing Ubuntu 22.04

    Can anyone help me please? I installed 22.04 on my Asus f506lh laptop.(without dual boot).After booting the system I got an error. Interesting cause the system works fine after booting.i have secure boot disabled.Can someone help me please ? thank you!
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    Can anyone help me? Not every time but it happens, when I boot my laptop(ASUS F15,I5, Nvidia gtx 1650), it crashes,I have to turn it off from the power button. The second time I turn it on it works perfectly. I mention that I don't have dualboot only mx linux 21.1 ahs latest installed. Thanks...
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    Grub install failed, need help on installing MX Linux with dual boot with win 10.

    Hy I tried to install in MXLinux 21 AHS with dual boot win 10 on my 240 GB SSD. I don't know why but the installer stops at 95 and I get an error "grub install failed". I have UEFi with GTP. I tried MX boot rescue to but same issue. I installed before on my other laptop and I didn't had this...