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    Bitlocker for Linux mint

    I am trying to encrypt my external drives, but i do not know what is the Linux equilvalent to Bitlocker in windows. I used windows to Bitlock my external drives. I have been looking at youtube videos but then i get this message: then i tried youtubing how to locate the package, and now i am...
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    VM v6.1.8

    G'day everyone. I have been enjoying my linux OS a lot. I have come to an issue with my Vbox v6. i have been working on it all this weekend and even ask for vbox support but they are no help. So, i need your assistance on this matter please and thank you. i have been trying to install Vbox...
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    VM connecting USB / what is better than WINE

    hey guys i was wondering if you all could assist me in finding out why i am having so much trouble in connecting my USB to my VM. I have done everything that i know what to do. Is there a step i am missing that you could fill me in with? I have been trying to use WINE to open certain...
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    connecting my laptops to my pc and VMs

    G'day I have been in this forum for a few weeks now. I have been in the general Linux part. I was talking to Wizard with my Linux needs, but now, The Wizard adviced me to come to this part of the forum to advance my knowledge. I would like to connect my two laptops to my pc (network them) by...
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    adding more space and moving partition

    G'day you all, I am a new IT in the industry. When I say new i have never been in this industry for more than a few months at a time. At the moment I am going to school to become an IT Engineer. The course is very challenging, but I am loving it. Specially Linux. I love Linux. So much to learn...