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    Unable to mount newly added disk by created LVM Partition

    Hello Friends, I use Oracle VirtualBox and CentOS7. Recently, whenever I have tried to mount a newly added disk by creating LVM Partitions it shows an error. I'm attaching the screenshot of the problem, please help me. Regards, Rupesh Kumar
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    SSH Server Connection Issues

    Hello Friends, I wanted to ask, when I am trying to establish a connection with server side machine through SSH connection, I am unable to connect and receiving an error "Unable to connect". What should, I do? Thanking you in advance.
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    Nagios & Zimbra

    Hello Friends, I want to learn about Zimbra and Nagios (i.e., as Beginner to Advance Level), what should I do to learn about this topic and where do I learn about it are there any resources i.e., video lectures or documentation or notes? Thanking You, Regards, Rupesh Kumar
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    Entry Level Job in Linux System Administrator Profile in India

    Hello Friends, My name is Rupesh Kumar. I have completed my MCA in 2016 from NIT, Agartala. I have 3 years 4 months of experience in three domains, but not in IT sector specifically. I have recently completed "Linux Course" and looking for job in IT field, but due to proper experience in IT...