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  1. Christina

    Laptop Hard Drive

    I finally got a new laptop! It is an HP 15.6 touchscreen. I would like to put a different hard drive in it to install Ubuntu rather than dual boot or wipe the one it came with (Windows 10). Can anyone give advice on what to get? Does not have to be huge lol. I just don't know enough about them...
  2. Christina

    Slow Hard drive.... unable to reach BIOS

    It's me again :) ! My hard drive has some bad segments I believe, plenty of room but running very slow. I would like to reinstall but can't get to bios anymore. I have an ASUS Series A53U and run Ubuntu 16.04. I know the problem is with my hard drive as I put in a different one with Windows 7...
  3. Christina

    Error - pkgs with unmet dependencies

    I have an error I can't seem to fix lol.... error message is: 'Error: BrokenCount>0' I ran 'apt-get -f install' and 'apt autoremove' and got this:
  4. Christina

    Kernel Panic

    Back again lol Had a failed update and when I try to restart it goes nuts and ends with a kernel panic hahaha I can boot an older version which I chose from the menu at startup and am using now but want to make sure I update correctly to fix the boot problem. Said it could not boot, something...
  5. Christina

    Minimal BASH --- Grub --- error 17

    I need help with an error 17. Can't boot. says Minimal BASH-like line editing........ grub> When I type exit it tells me to reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key. I can't even get a terminal....... and it doesn't ever show me os to...