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  1. hal_sk

    Millions of lines of "dhcpcd[365]: received SIGPIPE" in syslog file

    Hello, My Raspberry Pi with openhabian is connected to internet via USB GSM modem. Recently my modem disconnects from the internet from unknown reason at around 00:30 AM and then connects back online at around 06:00 AM. To my horror the syslog file is around 250 MB big in size and contains...
  2. hal_sk

    [Solved] Script does not run after reboot (systemd)

    Hello, I have simple script /usr/local/bin/ #!/bin/bash echo $(date) >> /home/hal/Desktop/log Then I have this service file: /etc/systemd/system/test.service [Unit] Description=Test service [Service] ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/ [Install] Then I run...
  3. hal_sk

    Using command outputs in another scripts

    Hello, Sometime I need to extract specific value (or more values) from my system using command outputs (in order to use this values for conditional testing in scripts). For example: Get my CPU temperature and if it is above 60 °C then do something. For this scenario I use command "watch -n 2...
  4. hal_sk

    [Solved] How to disable internet sharing in my access point

    Hello, I have created wifi access point with my Raspberry Pi. I would like to stop sharing internet connection in that access point and only to allow using local network for devices connected to that AP. How can I do it? Thx.
  5. hal_sk

    Run script automatically when wifi/bluetooth detects my phone is nearby

    Is there a way to do automatically run arbitrary script when Linux wireless adapter detects lets say specific MAC address of my mobile device in area? And then run other script when device is out of range? The intended use: Run my shell script that will temporary disable my Raspberry based...
  6. hal_sk

    Simple script for detecting if internet connection is working and if no then reboot

    Hi, What is the most efficient way to detect (using terminal) if my internet connection is working. Returned result should be yes or no so I can use it in shell script conditioning and in case the answer is no (no internet connection) then I will command reboot. Use case: My R-Pi is connected to...