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    Ghost Framework

    Hello I recently discovered ghost framework on Kali Linux. Lately I've been thinking that,if we connect to random ADB(android debug bridge) through Ghost framework and sniff the information (knowing it's illegal!). If the person get to know that we are peeping on this device. Is it possible for...
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    Insted of WPA handshake I'm able to capture PMKID

    Wherever I run airodump-ng on my kali linux with WiFi adapter on monitor mode... After I send deauth packets to a specific network I'm able to capture PMKID usually WPA handshake should be captured!! But only PMKID is available. Please help me with this issue. Regards, Wrek John Thanks in advance
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    Cannot uninstall Lazy script

    I'm using kali2020.1b. I have downloaded the Lscript from git clone on Kali Linux and now cannot uninstall. My issues is is not highlightned when I go into the Lscript directory. I have attached the screenshot of it. Please help me Thanks in advance, John
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    Can't reach on Wifi adaptor but can reach other websites

    I'm newbee. Can't reach on Wifi adaptor but can reach other websites.. I have installed latest kali 2020.1b on virtual box. While installing no mirror setup was asked. After installation everything is fine while browsing with adapter all the websites are reachable but is...