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    Just a few recent RAF official pictures , the first two are the Red arrows in training, the third is a member of the South Korean display team [in the UK for the summer air show season] the rest are the C30 pictures from the other day's low flying practice
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    Call out to a 502

    I had a call-out to one of the elderly ladies [even older than me] who lives down the road, she has W 10 in on a 10 yr old Asus, and was in a panic as she had been getting a 502 gateway error, I explained that It's nothing to do with her machine, but she asked me to check it out, well I...
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    Anyone you know....

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    Security passwords and social media

    The most widely used passwords are just that "password" or some variant [Brianspassword, password2, etc] The second most common are key runs, [12345678,Qwertyu,zxcvbnM, etc] Then come the phishers favourite passwords, the names of your favourite things, and the names and birthdates of your...
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    You Have To have A Theme Tune To Suite You, What Do You Choose

    I will grab this one, first
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    Are we suffering attempted DDoS attacks.

    The last few days [only occasionally] I have had the cloud flair, unable to connect screen. What I have notice is that, in a normal day we have around 500/600 visitors/bots and on the days it's crashed there were over 1000
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    “How do I instal Linux a general guide to installation” a guest article for Linux-Tips

    I have written a little article for Linux-tips, entitled “Linux a general guide to installation” It is based on my usual reply to the question “how do I instal Linux”, As it is aimed at the newest of members to GNU-Linux, I have tried to keep the technobabble to a minimum, Please take a look and...
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    Today is the eve of Yule

    May I send Yuletide blessings to all members
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    The wife said I had to go Tea Total

    I think i can put up with that ..I could drink this all day
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    MX-Linux 21-AHS is now out

    At last the final release of MX-21-x64-AHS is out...
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    M20 Kernel upgrade

    Just upgraded my mint 20 installation with the new 5.11.0 kernel [which can be found in the mint system updates] Anyone with newer kit still having issues I say give it a go. Bwiz
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    ever felt outnumbered?

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    solved Sudo..I'm confused

    my little ZG5 had 32 bit MX but after the last update threw a wobbly as it made the installation bigger than the 16gb zif drive, .go into fallback mode, install Debian 10 32 bit great so far, its running quicker and cooler Problem.. I wish to install a couple of apps that are not in buster...
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    Captcha... "wheres my glasses"

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    Trusted Platform Module (TPM)/ HP prodesk

    well its taken me a year to figure this out, download bash tools for tpm enter tpm-version....... [tpm not found] Now I know its there somewhere so scoured the net for tpm/HP, could only find instructions for windows but as its a BIOS thing , I followed them, enter bios, press F10 go to...
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    Printable Distro word-search have fun

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    A little story

    In may last year, as lock-down began in the UK, My tower threw a wobbly, the MB burnt out taking 2 of the 5 hard-drives with it, Not being able to get out for components I decided to buy a cheap second-hand box, I got an HP Prodesk [6 yrs old] it came pre loaded with W10, so I decided to install...
  18. Brickwizard

    Acer Aspire [ZG5-32bit] change of Distro [Information only]

    As some of you know I upgraded the ram from 500mb to the max 1.5gb and for the last few years have been running Peppermint 10 re-spin with good results, well this morning I took the decision [as P10 is running out of support] to install a new Distro, My choice [due to good results on 2 of my...
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    Is this our super Mod ?? [may go over the heads of the under 65's]

    now post your favorite picture of vehicles over accessorised or with weird paint jobs, or even over the top fashions of the past
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    My Turn to ask for help.. FAIL UNABLE TO KILL [solved bu not as you may expect]

    I decided to try and make use of my 20 yr old Acer 2413LM lappy [the one that had XP on it with all the old games for the kids to play] it has a 1.5 celeron M cpu and started with 250kb ram but at some time in the past I upped it to 1GB [I have 2gb on the way if I can get it going] I have...