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    Ansible - run playbooks from different directory

    Hi Can I store ansible playbooks in different directories and my customized ansible.cfg stored under different directories and run the playbooks? It seems that ansible assumes that the ansible.cfg file exists in the current working directory so when I try to call a playbook that exists in a...
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    Ansible - add new line to a file

    Hi I am trying to add a line in a file on the control node after performing the yum update on the managed nodes. I have created the below playbook. Adding new lines to the file in control node is getting skipped for some random servers. - name: Mail function hosts: SSS vars: date...
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    Ansible - "Destination /etc/yum.repos.d not writable"

    Hi I am new to Ansible, I'm trying to copy a repo file from control node to manage node and got the below error when executing my playbook. Error: fatal: []: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "checksum": "bceb47957aa7709b77108019f398d05b481ddca3", "msg": "Destination /etc/yum.repos.d...