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    curl error how do you fix it on fedora 36?

    as you can see i need help . I have curl error how do you fix it on fedora 36? upload images
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    Gnome 42 and kde apps

    kde apps are working in Gnome 42. the thing i do not like is that in the show applications does not have a dot on it to show that it running . is their a way to remove all dots in show application. the dots are working fine in the dock.
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    Fedora release

    Fedora 36 is now out and aviable on so far im having a great time on Fedora 36 and gnome 42.1
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    is their a way to load network driver on a distro that normally does not support the wifi ? I know the wifi works on fedora but not rocky. I also know that it did not work on pepermint os.
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    Herbstudtwm help

    how do you lanch dmenu in Herbstudtwm? this is my configation file .
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    official lmde 5 release well the official LMDE 5 is out on the linux mint sit after a week of approval. Earthier way it did not work for me . If any one want to check it out it on their website now .
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    example to me how to make appimages

    example to me how to make appimages. i do not see a detail website tell me how to make one.
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    could not get lmde 5 to install

    could not get lmde 5 to install on ideapad320. i want to install it on lap to test out longterm before installing it on main mechain
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    I need help installing the latest blender

    Need help install the latest blender on linux mint. i have it on in the folder but I need to get it in application menu
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    pros and cons of Type 1 Hypervisor

    What the pros and cons for Type 1 Hypervisor as a linux user vs normal duel boot ?
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    how do you have your keyboard short cuts set up?

    I know not many people who have full desktop environments use keyboard short. But for tho who do how do you have your keyboard shortcuts set up? here mine
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    I am am little confused how to get xfwm4 standalone. I play aound with laptop that not my main computer i need to know how to get it in my display manger. here where the files are published
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    youtube leaving roku. is Raspberry Pi a good substitute

    YouTube Leaving roku . So wondering a bout Raspberry Pi how fast is it and worth it for watching media ? all I like watching is Distro tv ,pluto tv , tubi, and xumo. If any has use Raspberry Pi as media player let me know your thoughts
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    DTOS XMonad configuration

    Look like DistroTube DTOS XMonad configuration scrip is comming along great
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    The Browsers discussion

    Lately their discussion around open source browsers vs proprietary browsers and the evils of google. The thing do not understand why the need for a privacy focus open source browser when most people keep going to youtube, and gmail. ? which are both are owned by google and is gathering some...
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    Nix – Package Manager for Linux

    What your thoughts on the Nix Package Manager for Linux? I not sure what Nix is but i think it replace your stock Package Manager. correct me if i am wrong .I heard on distro tube live stream that some one is useing Nix Package Manager on a non Nixos operating system. I see this could be...
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    left click application menu

    i running linux mint 20.2 xfce . i wanta know what application do i need ,configuration file or option do i need change so that i can get a left click application menu. Atm i have a right click
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    compiz 20.2 xfce

    i know this has been asked before but can we remove compiz on linux mint 20.2 xfce and still have a working system?
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    Ubuntu Release 21.10

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    apple unsecurity

    let's discuss