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    Snap updates in Firefox

    The snap version was slow loading first time. The mozilla ppa version loads fast just like the pre-snap days. Thanks for that info.
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    Which email provider do you use and why?

    I use cheap shared web hosting with unlimited email accounts. Accessed using thunderbird but there is an unused web interface.
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    Some of the ad-free privacy orientated desktop browsers have an adblocker extension built in or include one in the default install so the chart does not seem a fair comparison to me. Firefox comes with no extensions by default. Firefox with Ublock Origin and Privacy Badger will likely match or...
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    I haven't accidentally deleted windows, so why can i no longer boot to it?

    This rescue disk solves most boot problems with a single click.
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    Does anyone use heated tobacco device?

    Health authorities in UK encourage vaping as healthier than inhaling tobacco smoke. Best to avoid dodgy sources of liquid containing unknown additives and stick with well known brands whose products have been rigorously formulated and tested. I quit by using 4mg nicotine gum, then over time...
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    What Kernel are you running?

    I just stick with my chosen distro's default kernel, not had any problems to date.
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    Do you own a smartphone? Let's talk about smartphones.

    I'm soldiering on with a cheap burner phone for emergency use. Not too happy with mega corporations slurping personal data and phoning it home at my expense.
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    (solved)Externanl DVD / BlueRay for Debian 11

    A Pioneer BDR-XD07TB USB3.0 Blu-ray drive works out-of-the-box with Xubuntu so presumably will also be fine with Debian 11. For ripping, you could use MakeMKV for Blu-ray and Handbrake for DVD.
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    backup iso

    For simple partition backup and restore, Rescuezilla works well.
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    Make the Web Great Again

    I've never used social media so don't know what I'm missing. From what people have told me, it's not much. Ditched using a smartphone a few years back and find a cheap burner phone good enough when out and about. Would be interested in a smartphone running mainstream Linux when they reach...
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    Advice needed to produce a compressed image file of system partition with backup software

    Resuezilla works well for compressed backups. It's compatible with clonezilla but less tedious to use, I prefer partition backup software on separate bootable media.
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    Using Raspberry Pi 4 as a daily driver

    No access to a 4k monitor but it definitely works at 2560x1440.
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    Using Raspberry Pi 4 as a daily driver

    Yes, I like it very much as a second low energy desktop, I was quite surprised how responsive it is. Well worth the money. I use it mainly with a USB DVB-T2 tuner for watching linear HDTV with VLC or Audacious for playing music files. Runs smoothly and not noticed any bugs to date, Boots to...
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    Using Raspberry Pi 4 as a daily driver

    I installed Ubuntu MATE for Raspberry Pi on my 8GB PI4 mainly because it allowed direct installation to a USB SSD. It boots without an SD card being present.
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    appimage flatpak ,snap or other

    An appimage solved a problem I experienced. The Xubuntu 20.04 LTS repository version of VLC randomly crashed when changing channels on my USB DVB-T2 tuner stick. The appimage build of VLC was unaffected and worked reliably. Although I prefer to use the official repositories, appimages can...
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    Windows 10 won't boot from grub bootloader (Fedora 34 dual boot)

    You could try 'boot-repair-disk' and burn it on a CD or thumb drive. Used it a few times to sort out one or other OS not booting on a dual boot system.
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    Locked Drive After moving to Linux from Windows [HELP] [Pop-OS]

    Rebooting Windows10 and disabling 'fast startup' solved this problem for me when booting Linux. Plenty on the web on how to disable this option.