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    Ansible linuxclients -m ping (problem with target machine LinuxMint)

    I´ve installed everything by the book to start with Ansible, but when I´m trying to test ansible connection with command: ansible linuxclients -m ping The target machine LinuxMint machine is unreachable Labb Rocky 8.5 - Controller LinuxMint 20.3 - Target RedHat 8 -Target Host-file on Rocky...
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    Cant SSH from Rocky OS -->LinuxMint. It works only vice verca

    Master machine: Rocky 8.5 Targets: LinuxMint and RedHat machines SSL certificarte Created Linux SSL Key from Rocky machine and copied over to targets Has also tested to transfer files from Rocky machine to LinuxMint Machine, no problem But now I cant connect to LinuxMint (123.456.78.911)...
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    What Linux distribution is best suited for Ansible AWX?

    I´ve got 3 options to work with as controller: -LinuxMint -Rocky -Redhat I like Ubuntu based distributions and if it possible I prefer go with LlinuxMint (Probably not best suited for Ansible AWX, but I wanna know for sure) Really appreciate your answer and experience
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    Join Linux client to domain

    One these steps to Join Linux client to domain (Window) is to Add DNS servers to: /etc/resolve.conf But there are no values in the resolve.conf file. It´s completly empty. Previously I added the DNS servers under ip4 settings in LinuxMint regular GUI. My question: -How do I know if everything...
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    Ansible Tower - ReHat 8.5

    Hope this is the right forum. I have gone through a lot of different tutorials of "how to get started with Ansible" and then write your first playbook. But every tutorial has ended up not working as the tutorial showed. I´ve tried Ansible on Windows Subsystem for Linux, Ubuntu and LinuxMInt. So...
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    RedHat boot and install from ISO in VMware

    Cant boot and install from DVD or ISO with RHEL-8.5.AARCH64-DVD-ISO (RedHat) Downloaded: 8.5.0 aarch64 DVD ISO Connected RHEL-8.5.AARCH64-DVD-ISO to DVD. Booted up But I do not get the black install screen where you can select: [install] Red...
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    git commit -m "add test.txt": fatal: Unable to create 'test/.git/indexlock': Permissions denied

    I have create a folder called test witH sudo mkdir test After that I´ve created a file test.txt within that folder. Now I want to ADD this file to Git Repository git commit - "add test.txt" Then i get ****please tell me how you are** bla, commits yet The I specify my e-mail and user...
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    Ansible error "PORT STATE SERVICE 5986/tcp closed wsmans"

    It´s about Ansible setup and connection to target I´ve configure this om my client and used Ansible for window10 with wsl: [web] server01 [web:vars] ansible_user="[email protected]" ansible_password=somepassword ansible_connection=winrm ansible_winrm_transport=credssp...
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    SUDO command keeps asking me for password and I´m typing the correct password

    I´m using Linux for Windows (enable the feauter) Linux susbsytem for Windows. So far so god, but then I´m trying execute sudo-apt-get update I enter the password that I use for login with myAccount to my windows pc. But linux promt keep telling med that´s the wrong password for myAccount...