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    For this post I utilized a paraphraser since I as well posted on Reddit: Inside the Inspera demo I utilized CTRL+V/CTRL+SHIFT+V/SHIFT+INSERT and it worked, be that since it may Inspera proposes clicking on their paste button (i.e. Utilizing their content editor) since...
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    Laptop (No gap between keys)

    I noticed most laptops have a gap between keys. I am looking for one which does not. It also has to be 64-bit and either Windows 10/8/7 or Mac OS X 10.14 or later.
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    PowerPoint (Preventing others using text boxes)

    How can you format/save a PowerPoint file (or whatever file type it has been converted to) so when somebody else accesses it in PowerPoint, they are not able to use the text boxes?
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    EDITED - Exam (Word/Google doc to Word/Google doc) - Copy/paste

    Would a teacher notice if you copy and paste (your own practice answers to edit/a table with just headings) from a Word/Google doc to the exam Word/Google doc (which you downloaded)? If so, would you be able to notice/"work around" this? Then, would they able to notice/do something about your...
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    Rank these types of monitors (and any others) for health/eye damage

    - LED/OLED/AMOLED/Super AMOLED - LCD (e.g. TFT) - Plasma - DLP - SED - New CRT's - Any others Assuming ambient light, settings, distance-to-size ratio e.t.c. are the same; rank the types of monitors generally for health and eyes (combined). By 'health' I mean which is the least unhealthy...