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  1. Phylly

    Sewing pattern software

    I not sure where to post this, and I did try searching the forums, but nothing came up for the search terms I used. I'm trying to find out if there is a Linux or other open software program or something for designing sewing patterns -- something that will let me design my own sewing patterns...
  2. Phylly

    Trouble with LibreOffice page numbering

    Hello. I have Linux Mint 17.3 "Rosa", and LibreOffice for document work, and am having trouble with LibreOffice page numbering. I am helping my husband write a novel. In doing so, I have typed a Title page, Table of Contents, and 364 pages of content. When I first typed the MS, I had enabled the...
  3. Phylly

    Looking for LM compatible craft software

    I am looking for Linux Mint compatible software for a cross stitch pattern maker that will allow me to choose my own designs and colors, and I would prefer a disk I can download from; does anyone know of such? Have already tried those I found on-line, and they did not work (either they were not...
  4. Phylly

    Adobe Flash trouble

    I have been using Linux Mint/Ubuntu for 5 (+/-) years now, and until recently, I've had no problems with Adobe Flash. Is there an alternative to Adobe Flash? I must have something like it, as I manage my husband's website and the website builder uses Adobe Flash to upload documents. Please help!
  5. Phylly

    Gimp trouble

    Having trouble with my Gimp application -- when originally downloaded to my laptop I could use any tool I wanted, and was in the process of learning them all when I started having trouble. I can crop, rotate, align, move, scale image, and zoom, but that's about all -- I cannot use anything to do...