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  1. avanturismo

    Screen turns off after 30 sec of inactivity

    Hello Linux community I'm using latest Ubuntu version Screen turns off after 30 sec of inactivity however in my settings there is no such setting. This issue started randomly, Im using Linux since December 2021 and it was fine. I believe I can fix this with terminal command. Any suggestions...
  2. avanturismo

    Python on Linux - Install/uninstall/reinstall

    Dear Linux community I'm trying to uninstall previously installed python3 after uninstall process I'm checking in terminal for python version (in case its not uninstalled) ```$ python3 --version``` Please see screen attached I'm not sure if its properly uninstalled what does it means on the...
  3. avanturismo

    Ubuntu. How to give permissions for Telegram messenger?

    Hello Linux Community! I have installed telegram messenger on my latest Ubuntu However when I'm trying to screen share via telegram it crashes with no error. I believe so its happening because I need to give permissions for telegram to use all features. anyone could suggest me how to do that? I...
  4. avanturismo

    Please suggest "Russian mnemonic keyboard for linux ubuntu (21.10)"

    Hello Community, I need advice regarding how to choose and install Russian mnemonic keyboard I tried this one however installation thru terminal didnt work had some errors
  5. avanturismo

    Very new to Linux

    Hello everyone, I just unpacked my new desktop computer with pre installed linux ubuntu However I just realized that I do not have network adapter to connect to Wi-Fi, so I bought external wireless adapter "D-Link DWA-172" I just plugged in to usb port, expected that that will work automatically...