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  1. Vrai

    Today's article has you ignoring perfectly good security warnings to get what you want...

    Good article. I don't very often use wget but I had never thought about the certificates issue with it. Nice. I agree that not every site 'needs' HTTPS or other security certs. Probably no need to mention this to anyone using wget but to someone just starting out with it - it may be worth...
  2. Vrai

    Windows File Manager has ads now?

    I hadn't noticed . . . . and probably never will. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Vrai

    Root Privileges

    It should be included in the package. Check the "Read Me" file.
  4. Vrai

    Help with questions

    man chown
  5. Vrai

    Does zeroing out a hard drive guarantee total file elimination?

    Not sure which you are referring to but here are some links: My Hard Drive Died CENTER FOR MEMORY AND RECORDING RESEARCH Scott Moulton over at My Hard Drive Died mentions some Russian guy who has software tools available which can access the drive at a very low level.
  6. Vrai

    Why Does The Wizard Use So Many Distros?

    I agree. That's been my experience also. A VM is good for a quick spin around but to get the full effect I like to install on 'bare metal'. That's where having a spare box or two just for playing around and experimenting comes in handy.
  7. Vrai

    How do kids conceive the internet?

    Inconceivable ! ! !
  8. Vrai

    Question About Selling Open-Source Games

    No, you don't. Whether or not you should depends on your level of exposed assets and the degree of risk you are willing to take.
  9. Vrai

    (Solved) Installing problem

    Did you create bootable install media and use that to run the installation from?
  10. Vrai

    Does zeroing out a hard drive guarantee total file elimination?

    Multiple overwrites will generally make the data unrecoverable for all practical purposes. The site "MyHardDriveDied" has some very good and interesting information regarding this. He does forensic file recovery. But here is the thing I have not seen mentioned here and which many people forget...
  11. Vrai

    Error message when I attempt to access online banking

    Are you using a VPN?
  12. Vrai

    The Ctrl+Alt+Del of Linux?

    If you want to re-boot the system perhaps REISUB would work. Not sure how to kill one process if keyboard is unresponsive but perhaps using just the R of the above would work
  13. Vrai

    How should I clean up my laptop?

    Keep in mind that whenever moving, resizing, or deleting partitions things can sometimes get a little 'wonky' and go sideways on you. Might want to ensure you have backup copies of any important data.
  14. Vrai

    Random connection cut outs for some programs

    I had a similar problem with my Acer laptop using an Atheros internal wireless card. Started using a mini-USB wireless adapter with Realtek inside and have not had a problem since. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. Vrai

    How can I have a faster laptop with linux?

    Exactly what I was going to suggest. Installing a 500GB SSD in my Acer laptop with decent specs made a pronounced improvement in startup and shutdown times. One other thing that may improve startup time somewhat would be to turn off automatic startup of applications which are not needed at...
  16. Vrai

    Linux on 4mb ram

    Have you looked at Kolibri?
  17. Vrai


    I used to like to find the folder containing the desktop wallpapers of the various Linux distro .iso's I would download and try. Often times there would be one or two real nice 'keepers' in there :)
  18. Vrai

    Speedy Terminals

    I found this question & answer over on rather interesting. Just about everything performed in the terminal happens so fast I never gave it much thought because by the time I thought about it - it was already done! Terminal velocity