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  1. Nadeboy

    My Linux Mint 20 exactly like Windows 10

    How did I get it this way? This looks exactly like Windows 10 HERO theme but its source code is made with linux mint in the ground, this is amazing, and the computer is 50 times faster than a windows computer ;)
  2. Nadeboy

    Gaming on Linux is awesome

    It is very fast to game on linux for me, wine is a very good application for games, anyone else agree with me that wine is something good for games? A question though, Will Rockstar Games and Ubisoft, Steam, release good games for Linux in the future? Without the use of Wine? ;)
  3. Nadeboy

    Windows 10 Theme on Linux Mint Systems

    There is a good theme for linux mint where you could have it exactly as Windows 10, but with Linux mint system and get that fast experience of linux with this theme. Here is the link to the real theme: You can download the icons...