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    Linux Distro advice please

    Actually, slackware's packages are in neither .deb or .rpm format. They're tarballs (.tg/.tgz) IIRC. Slackware is awesome, but NOT a beginner-friendly distro at all. :) To get packages not built into slackware, you'd go to
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    Firewall Blocks My VPN - Solved

    Good to know you found the answer Interista! Welcome to the wonderful world of Linux :)
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    Anyone use Slackware?

    I may end up putting this on a 12 year old PC that I have. Got lots of RAM due to my upgrades, but I am loathe to run Win10 on it (it is the first Core2Quad that intel made, the Q6600). That, and a friend's PC I was checking out (after they hadn't powered it up in literally years) had the HDD go...
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    Newb Perspective - Linux Distro Hopping

    I distro-hopped for who-knows-how-long, but settled on Manjaro. Like JasKinasis, I don't like Gnome 3, so I ended up with the MATE desktop. However, Manjaro with Openbox is nice too and VERY fast! For the P4 that I have, I run MX-Linux on it and I enjoy the responsiveness of that distro (and...