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    Guidance, please

    64 bit will not work on a 32 bit computer. (32 bit will work on a 64 bit computer.) Linux Mint is good for beginners. Buy a flashdrive from eBay?
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    Malformed Entry in Wine Repository Installation

    An alternative way of looking at it is the error message says there is a mistake (malformation) in your sources list. Experience suggests to me that what you might think is line 54 is not always line 54. One way around this is to tell us the whole contents of your sources list. So, what is the...
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    Which Lite distribution for my needs please?

    Another possibility is that you have not installed the ISO correctly on the USB stick. How did you put it on the USB stick? What app did you use? When you look at the contents of the stick using Windows how many files do you see?
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    Which Lite distribution for my needs please?

    What is the make and model of your computer? Is this with the USB put in first?
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    Which Lite distribution for my needs please?

    Have you been able to access either Boot Order or the BIOS and specified that you want to boot from USB first, before the HDD?
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    Can I use the 3200g as my gpu for Kali?

    Kali Linux is not an everyday Linux distro. Is there any particular reason why you want to install it?
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    Program Install thru Wine - Error Msg

    There are Linux native apps available.
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    Hello, I could use some help printing

    Did you navigate into the directory first? ?
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    Will I be able to and how to keep data

    If you install Linux on the whole Hard Disk --- no. You will wipe out the Windows files and replace them with Linux. You could copy them off first, for example to an external Hard Drive and then replace them in Linux. Whether you can then run/open them in Linux is a question of what kind of...
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    downloading ubuntu to a DVD disc
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    Firefox Update
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    Firefox Update

    Ubuntuzilla works quite well at giving you the most recent version of Firefox.
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    hello sir

    What do you mean? Kali is already Root. You do not need to su or sudo.
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    Enter command startx and after I can't log in

    ...and is your username sudo passwd?...
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    Enter command startx and after I can't log in

    When you log in you normally type your username. (Unless as the pictures show. your username is sudo passwd ???) If my username was archie and my password was redhead it would be *** login: archie Password: redhead It looks like your "username" and not the password is incorrect, hence "Login...
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    Enter command startx and after I can't log in

    I don't understand this thread. Do you now have a Desktop Environment? Where can you not enter code? (What type of code?)
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    full harddisk ?
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    What inquiries?
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    ls -l | grep

    You are trying to do two different things. One lists the words that meet the pattern. The other shows file or directory, size, modified date and time, file or folder name and owner of file and its permission...