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  1. Rob

    unable to open png snapshot.

    Just double clicking on it in a file manager should do the trick.. otherwise, if you'd like to edit it, use gimp as davi suggested..
  2. Rob

    Kali Linux Revealed - free ebook

    If you are looking to get more familiar with Kali Linux, I'd recommend you take advantage of this free Kali Linux ebook. It goes over acquiring, installing and using Kali Linux from an operations standpoint - it does not go into any detail on the security tools included. I feel too many people...
  3. Rob

    Can’t use partition

    Nice! Also, now you've learned a little more about lvm! Edit: Don't forget to add it to your /etc/fstab so it's there when you boot.. you can use the line i posted earlier, and replace /dev/sda3 with the /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-hdd path. There should be a similar one for the / line.
  4. Rob

    Can’t use partition

    Well, all of sda3 is part of that lvm volume - you may need to do some vgdisplay, lvdisplay, etc.. to create a new space in the volume group that holds your hda3. It looks like when things were being set up, it kinda said "Hey, i'll create this 400gb volume group, then use 4gb for / and 2gb for...
  5. Rob

    Can’t use partition

    I wrote this a cpl years ago, but should help you: ^ it starts from scratch, but as you read through it, it'll catch up to an existing lvm2 setup.
  6. Rob

    Can’t use partition

    Oh - yep.. i totally missed that in your photo.. It looks like it's using lvm - which you should be able to resize since it's saying it's only using 4gb of the space for the OS, then 2G for swap.
  7. Rob

    Can’t use partition

    Still shows up in lsblk?
  8. Rob

    Can’t use partition

    If it's in use by the system, it usually is because it's mounted somewhere.. but you don't see it anywhere in `df -h` or in the `mount` command as root?
  9. Rob

    Timeshift & Similar Solutions - Safeguard & Recover Your Linux

    We need a write-up of recovering.. heh. Can you recover 1 file from yesterday or is it a full time jump back to yesterday?
  10. Rob

    Timeshift & Similar Solutions - Safeguard & Recover Your Linux

    Hey Wiz.. trying timeshift for the first time - thanks for the write-up :)
  11. Rob

    Which the distro Linux is for beginner

    OP emailed asking to be deleted..
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    Can’t use partition

    By the way.. if you're looking for an /etc/fstab line to add, this could work for you. This is if you choose to make it /home. If you mount it at /hdd, make the empty /hdd directory first, then mount it.. and change /home in this command to /hdd /dev/sda3 /home ext4...
  13. Rob

    Can’t use partition

    Hey there @Coucou - welcome to the forum. You do have that 464 gb hda3 there, but Linux doesn't know how to mount it currently because there's no filesystem set up on it yet. You first want to use a mkfs command to create the filesystem, like the ext4 filesystem with mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda3 as...
  14. Rob

    ftp problems manjaro

    Hey Peer - i'm late to the party and see you got it fixed, but reading through, I wasn't sure if you had access / control over the ftp server or if it was someone else's server. What was the fix?
  15. Rob

    Linux on Embedded Ryzen with Radeon

    Great article - it'd be nice to play w/ one of these :)
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    Any problems, seems quite tonight.

    Locking this one.. I think the wrong message came across.
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    Kali Linux has non-root user policy starting with version 2020.1

    Kali used to have a root-user policy - meaning, you didn't sign in as 'joe' and use sudo to gain root permissions.. you logged in as root and did everything as root. Beginning with version 2020.1, they have implemented a non-root user policy.. More info here...
  18. Rob

    cannot access any website, internet is fine- connection timed out

    I'm not sure if actually exists - i'm saying replace that with a real fqdn that you're trying to hit, along w/ the port that should be open (443 for https). I'm guessing there's something blocking network connectivity either within the OS or some setting in that VM bridge connection.
  19. Rob

    cannot access any website, internet is fine- connection timed out

    Correct, asterisks basically mean the remote exceeded the timeout to respond.. could be they are blocking icmp or are just unreachable. Do you have any machines on your local network that you can test telnet/netcat to? I usually test basic connectivity with telnet like: telnet
  20. Rob


    Hey there, welcome to! I'm a big fan of Kali Linux, so decided to create a forum section for it here on Kali Linux is built as a pentesting distribution - and it is assumed that you have decent enough Linux experience to be able to troubleshoot things like network...