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    Need some advice on what Linux Distro to choose

    i use linux mint, but i have tray kodachi, very long time.... at first installation work, then the they after don'work! don't find for WIFI (sic) >Every time is so. I have abbandone.... linux mint is at glance and you can all warfare. the connect with my iphone protected with VPN is...
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    Fedora blues

    Solution? you're new to linux? Yep! Let's go FEDORA it's complique, You know? Install LINUX MINT 64/32 bit and you go in other WORLD..... VLC, and more other sw are on your mouse, no problem! it's fast and at glance ( iphone learn) you can go on repository of linux with thousand of SW ONE click...
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    Haven't used a Linux distro in a few years but having trouble now with ISO file on USB stick

    to burn one DVD bootstrap need, very fast, BURNAWARE. ,Voila free and speed to make' no other,sure
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    can't install Mint 19.3

    it is possible your HD is broken; now if you can, extract HD disk and connect it to a case with a cable sata-usb; download EASEUS partition master like gparted.... and varify yuor Hd..easus is free; 13.5... if is good format-it FAT32 and restart on laptop installig mint. very mach more it...
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    Can we get a email address like [email protected]

    You need mastering @LINUX.ORG? why? your doctor speech you about? You can look for and othher, gmail, hotmail, take your new e-mail address and on linux use, install ThunderBird.! Believe-me, work fine, sympa Elliot'95
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    Bluetooth not working - no adapter, driver after recent update

    I think, you must look for driver linux your dongle key. and then may be need installing with command line.... I have 2 mouse with key USB and work on WIN and Linux without problem . Look for key usb, on the web, for linux, more are for WIN. In the last, Have you sure HW for Bluetooth is...
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    785 million people cannot access a safe water source. This is crazy!(WORLD WATER DAY)

    what? there in no more WATER on the World? At my house there is to mach....too!!!!
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    How to delete multiple MBR partitions

    Manuele? Italiano? ti scrivo in italiano cosi' impari a presentarti.... Facilmente scarica da internet "EASUS PARTITION MASTER" versione gratuita.... tutte le partitioni che vuoi eleminare le risormatti NTFS e poi fai um MERGE con tutte esse. Ecco ti ritrovi con un bel po di spazio pulito e...
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    Free, open source, peer-to-peer VPN for Linux

    it is good idea! but it's work on kodachi 6.2 stand-alone? can i call it into kodachi? i hope.... Thank-you
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    Looking for a compatible version of Linux for a laptop

    Warlike, please what is crunch-bang ? Not every one know ! I am Italy live in France and write a little English.... do you know ? On the world there are 7111 language more dialect. Merci
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    Kali persistence encrypted "apt upgrade" crash

    Have you expanded your space for persistent use? But FAT32 has no more of 4g! Now if you use uui or rufus, you can't more... I have anytime Max choose 4g. Can you explained better? Merci
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    Kali persistence encrypted "apt upgrade" crash

    have you write your USB with Rufus or UUI? I have same problem but with Kodachi, and are different setting for partition of "persistent"..... like for me, don't work! need to chance the key USB.... not compatible.