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  1. QuanTrieuPCYT

    Execute Linux command via Google Assistant

    I would like to execute a Linux shell command via Google Assistant (with IFTTT). Is it possible?
  2. QuanTrieuPCYT

    Best Raspberry Pi 4 linux distro for server?

    I currently have a Raspberry Pi 4 and i plan to use this pi as a server (webserver and NAS using samba) So what distro should i use? btw i want to use aarch64 distros, not arm32 / armhf
  3. QuanTrieuPCYT

    disable static IP and turn on Dynamic IP without accessing into system

    I have a Raspberry Pi 4 running Raspberry Pi OS I installed Pi-hole for network adblocking, and it set my IP to static ( But recently, the Raspberry Pi got switched off for some reasons and my security camera stole that IP and my Pi's IP. And now the Pi wouldnt boot because of IP...