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  1. sp331yi

    See Bill Gates get pie in the face!

    Granted, it's at Minute 49, but well worth the wait! --Pie In The Face "Nothing is as it appears to be," my father once told me. How true!
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    enchantmentos = xubuntu 20.04 simplified

    Any Member here at knows I am no fan of the 'buntus. Recently, my son told me about the OS his workplace uses and said I might like it because it's simple and "not bogged down with a bunch of BS." To my surprise, he was right! It had all I really needed and wanted except GIMP, which...
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    Is Linux Secure -- links

    Been doing some research of my own on how secure our OS of choice may be. @VP9KS --
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    Any Down-Under botanists out there?

    from @wizardfromoz in reference to a digression I posted here.
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    Debian Scripts to Make Life Easier

    Listed here are h2's scripts, among them the award-winning smxi. So, if using Stable, Testing or Sid, your post-install of the disitribution boasting the largest software library in the GNU/Linux world will be faciilitated by their usage. Github -- smxi SMXI -- About
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    Microsoft accused of corporate bullying

    Microsoft accused of corporate bullying, after years of avoiding antitrust allegations I say, "What's new?" Make 'em pay through the nose -- they can afford it! Got rid of M$ years ago and am I glad!
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    UEFI Rootkit "Lojax"

    Disabling your Secure Boot?
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    The Purpose of Life . . .

    I need to be reminded of this message re: The Purpose of Life . . . Thanks, Zat Rana
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    A Farewell to an Old Friend

    FAREWELL TO AN OLD FRIEND Throughout the years I distrohopped, SalixOS is one I came back to again and again. Its reliability, ease of use and its beauty appeal to me, still. Therefore, it is with some sadness I see SalixOS is now a "dormant" GNU/Linux distribution (at least according to...
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    Tired of Either/Or so-called News sources?

    Take it with a grain of salt, and I have not checked out all the news source references here, but if alternative viewpoints to balance out the questionable mainstream media is what you want, check out Eluxe as a starting point. Just FYI. There are no favorites here.
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    CLONEZILLA: A Pictorial Tutorial

    Not backing up your SSD or Hard Drive can become a nightmare. Since beginning to learn the GNU/Linux Operating System, the author has come to view Clonezilla as the most reliable and practical solution to backing up data on the modern PC. While not difficult, using it is a systematic process...
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    AutoTux -- A No-brainer for Newbies? MAYBE, but it is MICROSOFT Linux!

    From TechNewsWorld, LINUX PICKS AND PANS AutoTux
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    Jack Germain's Review, Modicia OS Ultimate Comes With Cool, Unique UI Twists. Just FYI on something different, cool.
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    On sabbatical... world is weird.
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    Try Out GNU/Linux with 6-OS Exton MultiBoot

    EXTON Multiboot Linux is a LiveUSB distro with the best instructions on Ventoy I have seen. Screenshot Check it out, newbies and others!
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    Subgraph looks interesting!

    As a former user of the antiquated Bastille while first using the obsolete Jaunty Jackalope, I found it intriguing that another set of devs are working on a Hardened Linux distro. It's called Subgraph OS. While unavailable for download at this time (apparently it is in the process of going...
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    Learn Linux In One Week eBook

    TechRadar and this time, TecMint, are coming up with good stuff, lately. Latest is the eBook, “Learn Linux In One Week”. NOT free, however.
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    Fix Any Linux Problem

    or so it says, here at TechRadar, in 2016! I got a kick out of it, but it's informative.