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  1. Confused_nerd

    Buying a laptop with the AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 5650U processors, will I be able to use linux on them?

    The said laptop: Since it comes with DOS, I want to use linux on it. Will I be able to?
  2. Confused_nerd

    Need suggestion buying laptop.

    (Sorry if this thread doesn't belong here, I didn't know where else to post this.) So I have been presented with an opportunity to buy a laptop, and considering I will be using this machine for at least the next 4 years, I don't want to screw this up. Hence, I am looking for suggestions. Some...
  3. Confused_nerd

    Wi-fi not working.

    Hello, so I use linux mint 20.2 Uma, cinnamon version. Recently, my wifi has stopped working, like it shows connected but I can't do anything that requires internet. It DOES NOT show connected, no internet. It shows connected. I know the problem is in the linux part because wifi is working...
  4. Confused_nerd

    I can't seem to print files.

    I use linux mint 20.1 ulyssa cinnamon version, all updated. My printer model is Brother HL-L2321D. I can print the text files and .odt files, however any other file is not printed (some pdfs which are printed are not the same as on screen, some text is missing etc.). I can't print photos or...
  5. Confused_nerd

    It shows GPT corrupted, should I be concerned?

    First of all, I use linux mint 20.1 ulyssa, but i decided to try out tails os. So i followed instructions here. But when I was live booting from USB stick, I began reading the text it shows, and the first line it said CAUTION: GPT corrupted, using it anyway. Recommend using encrypted drives. or...
  6. Confused_nerd

    How to dual boot?

    I have linux mint 20.1 cinnamon edition. I want to dual boot with parrotsec OS, however I have no idea how, so I am seeking help. What should I do? Thanks. I have a usb stick burned with the iso file already.
  7. Confused_nerd

    Is this laptop deal worth it?

    I'm looking to buy some old thinkpads, and have recieved an offer: A lenovo thinkpad l420. It has these specifications. The specific one offered has 4GB RAM, and i5-2540M procesor, and 500GB HDD. I only need for some lightweightwork like editing documents and emailing. (And testing some...
  8. Confused_nerd

    [Solved] Having trouble with update manager.

    Hello, I'm using linux mint 20.1 (ulyssa) version. A few days ago, I was checking for updates using the GUI update manager. I clicked refresh button on the top toolbar, then it opened up a window like it always does. While it was doing its thing, the wi-fi went down midway, then the window...
  9. Confused_nerd

    The Mint 2016 hack?

    I was a reading a book, and it mentioned "the linux mint 2016 hack". I looked it up and apparently some hackers put a backdoor to the system. Does anyone know more about this? I would also like to know how the sha256sums work(I verified mine before installing), cause like why couldn't the...
  10. Confused_nerd

    [Solved] Wallpaper not loading on login window, problem in update manager.

    Exactly what the title says. It shows this: I'm using Linux mint 20.1 cinnamon, ad have set up the login settings to this: I have rebooted it multiple times, it still doesn't show up. What's wrong?? The path in background is: /home/conf_human/Pictures/wallpapers/pic3.jpg , it leads to the...
  11. Confused_nerd

    Concerned about BitWarden and password managers..

    HI, I'm using linux mint 20.1, and wanted if using an external password manager like bitWarden is safe? Like, I can just store all my passwords offline, but if I do use BitWarden(or any other password managing tool), will they not also have access to my data? What tools do you guys use for...
  12. Confused_nerd

    HELP! ASAP It ain't booting and is stuck

    So I followed the linux mint installation guide. At the end it said to restart, so I did that then a screen came up that said "please remove installation media and press enter" I did exactly that, but since it's been stuck showing this screen: When I press function keys like f12, it shows...
  13. Confused_nerd

    Difference between live boot and install?

    Previous thread Okay, so I tried mint by live booting it (6gb RAM, 500 gb hdd). The booting takes some time(about 50-60 seconds), but for me even the old windows took that much time, so that's no problem. Now, my printer, WiFi reciever and internet all seem to work well. I'm in love with it...
  14. Confused_nerd

    Minimum requirements for live boot, installation(Mint)

    Okay so I wanted to try to use Linux mint as my first distro and would like to live boot it from a usb to try it out. I have a old generation pc with Intel Pentium dual core processor, 3.00 GHz,and sadly only 2GB RAM. Question 1. Will this be enough for using linux mint from usb or if later I...
  15. Confused_nerd

    Which distro best for programming?

    I'm completely new here, so first of all, hello!:) Now, I'm beginning to learn how to program (currently python) and wanted to know which Linux distribution would be best for programming.( I'm also completely new to Linux) Can someone please help, thanks!