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  1. Atlantean

    Samsung 8x0 EVO and Queued TRIM. Is it a big deal?

    I have not one but two 860 EVO drives, and I guess many of you use drives of the 8x0 line too. I came across this piece of news: Now the questions are: What is queued trim exactly? And is this a big deal or a...
  2. Atlantean

    Windows 10 in Gnome Boxes

    I have an unused Win10 license lying around and I would like the install Windows in Gnome Boxes to play some old untaxing games that are not available on Linux. I wonder if people have had a good experience doing this and whether there are some stumbling blocks I should be aware of. Many thanks!
  3. Atlantean

    Dual Booting Ubuntu and Ubuntu

    Greetings everyone, I am new to this forum and fairly new to Linux. I have used both Ubuntu and Fedora before as everyday machines and have found solutions to common problems such enabling repositories and installing missing drivers, but I would not consider my proficiency as anything beyond...