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  1. endruschat100

    refresh rate 40hz?

    who knows - how I can set the refreshrate to 40hz (xfce) in PcLinuxOS- it is not possible in the settings, here you have a picture, thank you
  2. endruschat100

    Solus-distribution (Boot)

    My question would be whether the solus distribution has software where you can perhaps optimize the bootloader? Because if I want to go into Windows, I always need the BIOS... or a command in the console? thank's for the Tipps...
  3. endruschat100

    my taskbar in pclinuxOs keeps slipping

    my taskbar keeps slipping, I'm too clumsy to put these back in place, thanks
  4. endruschat100

    pclinuxOs & Bluetooth?

    I can't find any factory-set Bluetooth options in pclinuxOs, at most in opensuse, but send&receive doesn't work there either -I am interested in all 2 distributions Thanks
  5. endruschat100

    *.gif&jpeg for the desktop?

    hello, i hope nobody has asked that here yet.i am in pclinuxOs & apparently have no rights-certain image files(*.jpg,*.gif)-to use as desktop the file manager i cannot determine the rights.i want it for the normal user account not for the administrator account! thanks
  6. endruschat100

    Hi i need help with my bootloader-structure in PCLinuxOS

    In addition to Windows 11, I have OpenSuse & PcLinuxOS installed, and I want PcLinuxOS to dominate as the bootloader. Supposedly you can use "sudo update-grub" to organize the bootloader. I can't use "sudo" in this distribution & can't install it!a
  7. endruschat100

    OpenSuse-Question with *.mp4?

    Hi, I using for now OpenSuse and I must know how to play back tv programs (*.mp4) with the video software! the software is called "parole media player" & an error message with the note "h264 decoder" appears maybe you can write me the right command for the console here? Thanks
  8. endruschat100

    I need help detecting USB devices in manjaro xfce

    Yesterday she had installed the xfce version of manjaro online & the USB devices are not recognized! does anyone know a way to help?
  9. endruschat100

    I Had installed the xfce Variant of manjaro online-does ist also work with Openoffice?

    To bei honest i Had given Up ob the Arch Installation&i wanted to know If i could Install an Openoffice package here,and i said above the commands in the Userguide don't work
  10. endruschat100

    i cannot insert files into my linux data partition

    Hi, I am currently using the mageia distribution and I suspect that I can use the created data partition correctly with another file manager. I don't know exactly the "cmake" commands. If someone can help me? I want to install a suitable file manager. My second question would be, if I install a...
  11. endruschat100

    Hi-i need help with my wifi-connection in arch-installation!

    Hi-in Windows i use this Wireless-Connection (this is a Aldi-Talk-Hotspot with the ip: I have problems to reach this wifi in the installation of arch. I´ve tried to check if thsi wifi is softblocked&if i enter the command iwctl-nothing happen! thank you i can write here informations...
  12. endruschat100

    I need informations about the User-Interface of OpenSuse

    I have questions for example: I can Switch with the console to the Administration (su root). I tried to unpack an Openoffice-package. To be honest,i'm Not Sure which package i need of either. If I enter -tar "package Name"-it doesn't work-does anyone know why Not?
  13. endruschat100

    Gnu-interface &debian i need instructions &new Tipps

    Excuse me,i ASK me where is for example the different between systems Like mageia & Neptune? mageia Looks like a gnu-interface and Neptune Like Debian,but i don't Unterstand the different between the distribution!
  14. endruschat100

    How to Put Files in the opt or usr Folder?

    Thank you for the information you've written in the thread with the console Keyword! I have a Medion Akoya Notebook E7420 with a Intel chipsets.this device ist 5years old and i geht IT from Aldi Nord. I already installed Windows 10& Neptune distribution. If you Like,you can write this Linux...
  15. endruschat100

    Newsletter info.

    Excuse me,but since 4min. I have entered a valid Email Adress to Order the Newsletter. At top of this Page,i See Something about Broken Links? I doesn't read all here.
  16. endruschat100

    I need Help with entering my Keyword in this console

    My Question ist: I've installed on a Medion Akoya device e7420 the distribution "Neptune"- With the ARK File extractor i Put this *.deb Files &the Rest in a correct Form in the i'm in the DEBS Folder &entered the command: -sudo dpkg -i *.deb But i have to entered my User...
  17. endruschat100

    Help me Please with installing a Browser-package

    My Problem is,i'm helpless with the midori-web Browser for Mageia-Distribution... I could only describe the Situation:i extracted the package called -"" in the opt-folder... There are many folders and Files,but i'm Grateful for helpfull Tipps for this Thanks
  18. endruschat100

    Medion Akoya E7420(Intel)

    Hi,ich bin etwas aus der Übung. Mein Notebook heißt Medion Akoya E7420, Und ich will die Mageia-Distribution parallel zu Windows-home installieren. Vielleicht darf ich fragen,wo genau diese Homepage herkommt?ich dachte erst in England oder USA. Hatte schlechte Erfahrungen mit Software...