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    [Error] Check Serial Connection! What throws it?

    I'm trying to run a php script that uses /dev/ttyUSB0 and it basically works and I set it up using stty. However, at times I receive the error (verbatim) in the thread title. Most of the time, it works fine I can't seem to find what is generating it. Is it a kernel thing?
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    Debian 10 Wireless access from within a VirtualBox VM

    Seems the normal conventions don't work as I can't seem to use the usual methods of configuring wpa_supplicant to get wireless working. ifconfig reports no LAN connection (there isn't) but does report wireless with an IP of I have no idea as my LAN (and wireless router) uses a...
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    Sudoer error

    There was a sudo file placed in /etc/sudoers.d by a web application called "supermon". The filename is also "supermon" and the contents are: # Cmnd alias added for Supermon 7+: Cmnd_Alias ASTERISK = /usr/bin/top, /sbin/ifconfig, /bin/df, /usr/sbin/asterisk, \ /bin/systemctl...
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    Why does this bash script work if called from the command line but not when called from a php script run by a webpage?

    More precisely, the variables in the script are not returned to the calling php script First the call from the php script: $CPUTemp = exec("/usr/local/sbin/supermon/get_temp"); print "   [ $CPUTemp]"; Now the bash script: echo -n "CPU: " CTEMP=$(/opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp)...
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    I'm running 2 different program on a Pi (running Debian Stretch). Both require network connections but I want to limit one to use only wlan0 and the other to only use eth0. I know I need to do this in routing but how?