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    Ubuntu Crashes in Battery Mode

    I have a few serious issues with my Ubuntu installation, all of them only when working with the battery. I have dual boot between W10 and Ubuntu 18.04 lts, and both of them work perfectly when charging, but once using battery only UBUNTU is the only one who doesn't work! The problems: 1) Random...
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    Unable to mount External Encrypted Hard Drive(256-bit AES)

    Hello guys. I recently installed the Ubuntu 18.04 lts, and I'm trying to mount an external Hard Drive of 500 Gb encrypted with 256-bit AES. After a lot of research and tries(...,cryptsetup), I wasn't able to do it. I know Ubuntu can detect the external Hard Drive...
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    F29 BootPen instalation error: BUG : soft lockup #CPU1 stuck for 23s

    Hi everyone. So i'm trying for the first time to do a dual boot of Fedora 29 from a boot pen. I have alrealdy Windows 10 installed(i did a restore of the windows), I created a partition and the boot pen with Fedora media writer. I did the Boot restart and started Fedora from the usb pen. After a...