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    Linux parallel to windows 10

    Hi there, a few month ago I installed Linux on my computer. I was running windows 7. I love linux. Now I am trying to do the same installation on another laptop of mine. At the moment it has windows 10 on it. I have an extra an free partition. In the BIOS I changed following settings: Network...
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    usb-stick suddenly not working / Linux Mint

    Hi there! Till yesterday the usb-stick was working fine. Today it is not shown in my file and I can't access it. Check out both Screenshots: How will it work again? Thank you a lot! Liis
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    Create partition for Linux Mint with Gparted

    Hi there, I want to install Linux Mint on an extra partition on my Windows computer. Unfortunately Windows is hindering me to make an at least 50 GB big partition although I have enough free GBs. So I am using Gparted to force an extra partiton the size I want. I burnt Gparted on a DVD. When I...
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    launch Mint via Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager

    Hi there, I followed the instructions in this video: Everything worked well till I had to launch Mint on the VirtualBox Manager (approx. 8 min. in the video). I am using Windows 7 and the Oracle VM Virtualbox Manager. My settings are as shown in the screenshot MintLaunch. When I push start...