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    Clearos feeback

    Hi, im evaluating the alternatives to router, and replacing it with a very small, but powerfull computer (compared to the CPU of the current router) My current setup have: * Application filter against selected devices. * access controll to selected devices set to clock. * VPN server * port...
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    Ubuntu 18.04 container problem

    Hi all. Im having problems with lxd/lxc containers. Have anybody seen this error: "Error: Get http://unix.socket/1.0: EOF" Any command i try when trying to see what the problem is ands up in a long stall before the CLI dumps this error. Does anybody have any hints to where i can look? I...
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    replacement screen

    Hi, I am in a bit of trouble. im planing a retirement of my ten year old 16:10 24" screen. I also have 19" secondary screen connected. im thinking 30-35" screen on the new one, but im unsure of going for 4k resolution 16:9 or a lower resolution 21:9 that has a higher refresh rate. I do bit of...
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    Nvidia 1030 chip, a Simple 4k graphics card for ubuntu?

    Hi, about 1,5year ago i build a new smal PC for my father. We kept the old FHD screen sins it was suffient, but yeasterday his fancy glass table where his computer screen was standing on, suddenly exploded. And now it looks like there is some need of a new computer screen. . His use i very...