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    Is Parrot Security OS Team Has Ended Support For 32 Bit Completely Or Only ISO File ???

    Hello, I want ask about 32 bit support for parrot security, is Parrot Security OS Team Has Ended Support For 32 Bit Completely or Only ISO Support, i have found busybox error on parrot security OS Latest Version installer, so i download now the latest version that support full iso for 32 bit...
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    grub rescue when booting Windows 10 bootable usb.

    Hello, i have Kali Linux Latest Version, i have used it for three months, and now i want install windows 10 on my second Hard Drive, i have created bootable usb, but when i want boot the usb it show me grub rescue, i need help.
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    How to flash Windows 10 on usb on kali linux

    Hello, i have used kali liux two months, but i need install windows 10, so i need to flash it on usb, but it's too difficult, i search one week without stop, but i don't find any solution, can anyone help me ?
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    My phone can't connect with pc

    Hello, i have kali linux latest version, i connect always my phone with pc to share network, today i have connected my phone to pc but it charge only, kali show my phone 2 seconds and not show the phone after this, i have tryed another phone, the same thing, i want fix the problem, but i don't...
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    VM software for metasploitable on kali linux

    Hello, i want install VM software for metasploitable supported x86 processor, i have searched on google but not works, i want a light VM software with installation steps
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    How to change desktop environment from XFCE to GNOME ?

    Hello, i have installed kali Linux with XFCE Desktop, but i don't like it, i have watched GNOME Desktop and I have found it best than XFCE desktop, how to change it ?
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    How to install kali linux tools

    Hello, i have installed kali linux with default tools, and now i want install all kali tools for full experience, i don't know how to install all tools?
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    [Solved]How to install Kali Linux completely Using 512 MB usb

    Hello, i want install Kali Linux but I HAVE ONLY 512MB USB, i have tried netinstall but it install only mini core with no GUI, and i have nice internet, how can install Kali Linux Completely using 512 mb usb please ?
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    [Solved]Unsupported resolution

    Hello, i have installed Kali Linux, but when i select kali linux in grub bootloader, my monitor says unsupported resolution, i have tried ubuntu but the same problem, i need help !