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    How do I grant USB disk access to other apps?

    Hi there. I have a number of apps, Audacity, Music, VLC etc that all work fine when accessing files on the system drive but I have a number of other internal and external drives and they are not available, I can't direct Audacity's file open dialog to any other drives, for instance. In...
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    Line 6 Helix Audio out problems.

    Hi. I have had success using a Line 6 Helix Rack as an audio output for my box running Elementary OS but there are some problems. It seems to default to multi channel output, maybe surround sound, all the time, so I routinely have to go into pavucontrol and the audio settings to get it back to...
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    Midi patch bay needed for Elementary OS

    Hi there. I have a couple of MIDI interfaces hooked up to the computer and I need a way to funnel MIDI from in to out etc. I have managed to install aconnectgui but the connections it makes are not persistent through a restart, is there something persistent, preferably graphical available? Thanks.
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    Firefox screen artifacts

    Hi. If I'm in Firefox and open a drop down menu that extends beyond the border of the browser window it leaves a bit of itself behind, sometimes flashing. Anything I can do to fix this? Thanks.
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    [Solved] Videos like treacle.

    Hi. I have some videos recorded at high quality from a modern drone, I can´t tell you exactly the resolution but at least 1080 and probably 60fps, maybe less I´d have to check it out on another comp to find out for sure, but the mouse movement slows down as if itś being dragged through cold...
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    Elementary freezes a lot. (Solved)

    Hi All. Iḿ getting a lot of freezes, they happened a few weeks ago when I was running it on a much lesser gear, I bought the gear in the sig and it is a lot nicer to use but it still freezes regularly. Just now it froze but the music I was streaming in Firefox carried on and I could also move...
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    Is Samba the right way to go?

    Hi All. Elementary OS Odin. Is Samba the way to share files from my Linux comp? Any other options or anything I should be aware of? Thanks.
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    user #99 copying files from external HD.

    Hi. I am trying to copy some files from an Apple Mac external HD to an internal SSD on Elementary OS Odin but I am told that some files cannot be copied due to permissions problems. I have looked at the permissions of the enclosing folder and it says owner is user #99 (unknown user apparently)...
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    Video card suggestions.

    Hi. I'm running Elementary OS Odin on a Gigabyte z77x u5dh, I'm not interested in gaming but would like to run a couple of decent monitors, can anyone suggest a simple to install card? I see that AMD Radeons run straight out of the box but I don't really need to spend £500 on a graphics card...
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    Linux Newb needs help with streaming.

    Hi All. I have just installed Elementary OS on to an old computer with a Gigabyte z77x u5dh motherboard and a few SSDs, this is the 3rd time for reasons that will remain obscure...The first two times I could watch stuff on whilst engaging in concentrated guitar scale practice but...