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    How to get an autocompletion in terminal Zorin bash shell [SOLVED]

    I have been using and learning kali for a couple of months and am used to its terminal. Like it will show a preview of previously typed command and we can use arrow keys to type the whole command and now I am using Zorin (Xfce) bash shell and missing that feature very much. Is there any way...
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    Error while installing Parrot home edition

    I am getting an error while installing parrot home edition
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    Login loop in Kali linux 2021.4

    I am using kali linux 2021.4 xfce . I have done some .vnc file configuration and rebooted the system . But now i am not able to log in ,But I can access the GUI through a VNC session. When i try to type username and password it just ask to again without any error. I have donesudo apt update and...
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    How to go back to grub from windows boot menu

    Hello Yesterday I have changed the linux mint grub menu to windows boot menu using "easy bcd" and but now it takes two more steps to boot to linux .Now I want to go back to the old grub menu how to do that from this : to this:
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    Do I need an antivirus for linux

    Hello every one I am dual Booting Linux and windows in one of my machines and a Samba shared folder Recently my windows machine (main and secondary) had a virus attack and was succesfully remved by antivirus . And I want to check that some cross platform virus had entered the linux machine ...
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    The most used distro

    I just want to test that people are using which distro as their daily use
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    Can anybody suggest to me a distro for 2022

    Hello everyone, I am planning to change my distro in 2022 now I am in Linux mint and want to change to another Debian based distro Currently, two distros are in my mind Zorin os and Pop OS! .Which should I choose or You can suggest to me a distro better than these two (only Debian-based not...
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    Can't install nitroshare

    Hello , when I tried to install nitroshare using : sudo apt-get install nitroshare [sudo] password for adithyan: Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree... Done Reading state information... Done Package nitroshare is not available, but is referred to by another package. This...
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    Watching video in chrome or any chromium-based browser is very laggy.

    Why watching a youtube video or any other video in a chromium-based browser in Linux is lagging. I am dual-booting Windows and Linux and I like Linux very much than windows but watching video is not very comfortable in Linux it is very stiff and very hang. Can anybody tell me how to solve the...
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    Can't connect to Bluetooth

    When I tried to connect my headset to Linux it is telling that: Connection Failed: No audio endpoints registered The Bluetooth service is up and running ? bluetooth.service - Bluetooth service Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/bluetooth.service; enabled; vendor preset: disabled)...