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    Installing Linux on a Chromebook

    I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this question, but the question is about getting a new computer running with Linux. Background: A week or two ago, I bought a new ChromeBook laptop that was made by HP. The OS details of the laptop are: Make of laptop: Chromebook Manufacturer...
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    [SOLVED] Need lightweight distro suitable for old RCA tablet

    I have an older RCA Voyager III tablet that does have Android installed. But it also has several Google apps and programs that I do not like. Trouble is that the tablet only has 10.5 GB of memory and 29.24 GB available on a micro USB card. Somewhat slowly I am learning the Linux language. My...
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    Linux on a tablet

    While I am not an absolute noob about Linux or the general Unix operating system, I do have a question about two tablet computers that I own. Both of those tablets were configured and sold with the Windows operating system. On one of the tablets, if I turn it on it will attempt to do an...
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    Dell Inspiron-3268 - Teething Problems with Ubuntu 18.04

    Probably 'just another noob' question or problem, but I am at a point where I almost desperately need some guidance and assistance. My main computer (the one I am writing this on) is a Dell Inspiron-3268 that until about 18 months ago had Windows 10 as the operating system. One of Microsoft's...