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    how to backup my 2nd virtual linux machine's current state from my 1st virtual linux machine as both attached to the same network?

    what are all the possible ways of achieving this? can we do this with cron function?
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    how to backup the current machine state in linux using command line interface?

    For practice purpose, let us assume i have backed up the current machine state of linux and after that i have deleted the root directory. Now i need to rejump to the old state. So how to do it?, Explain it from the backing up of current machine state.
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    how to establish oracle db connection with linux virtual machine through ip?

    1)I am running windows 10 as host machine and i installed vbox 6.1.22 in it. 2)In vbox i have installed centos7 using host-only adapter and my host-only ethernet ip is 3)I have installed oracle10g in windows 10. 4)Now im trying to connect my jboss server in centos to my oracle db...