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    "WC" Service and high CPU utilization

    I tried Googling for an answer about the topic of this post, but almost all threads led me to topics on "WooCommerce" for Wordpress. This matter involves a process/command called "wc" that occasionally spikes my CPU utilization dramatically. Can only shed light on this service and why it might...
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    Greetings and Introductions from Switzerland

    Howdy, I'm a transplant from the U.S. living in Switzerland. I've been tapping on keyboards since the early 80's. Most of my time has been spent working on Macs and Windows machines, but I occasionally (very occasionally) dip my toes into the world of Linux. I joined because I wanted...
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    On SSH Security... am I being a helicopter admin?

    Semi-Newbie, first-time poster here... I manage a linux server that faces the public Internet. Every day there are thousands-upon-thousands of SSH login attempts on the "root" account (40,000 in the last several days). Within that sample are about 600 unique IPs that are attempting to...