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    Using my printer/scanner/copier

    Hi guys! I have a Brother laser printer/scanner/fax that I can't get to scan. It prints fine, and when I downloaded the scanner file from Brother's website specifically for Linux, it says it's installed but I don't know how to set it up to scan. Any help?
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    Installing Windows

    I have a work laptop that has Windows 10 on it that asks for the administrator password every time I try to do something. My question is if I install Linux on it, can I install Windows over Linux? I tried the Windows boot file on my laptop that has Linux and when I click on the executable file...
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    Superuser privileges

    How do you get superuser privileges in Linux? I have updates that I can't download and install because I don't have superuser privileges. One download asks me to manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. I type it into terminal and it says I don't have superuser privileges...
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    Beats Audio

    My HP laptop had Beats Audio installed when I had Windows 7. When I installed 10, the audio was lost. I now have Linux on my new SSD and was wondering if I am able to download and install the Beats Audio file using Wine or another software into Linux. If not, no big deal, but I'm hoping I can...
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    Benchmarking an SSD

    How can I go about benchmarking my SSD that I just installed. Can you use terminal to run a benchmark test?
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    How do I remove the password in Mint? I actually forgot my password and can't get in to anything that requires a password. I'm trying to reformat a flash drive and it's password protected. How do I remove the password? Help!!! LOL
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    dual boot

    I have an HP laptop with an upgraded version of Windows 10 that originally had Windows 7. I tried installing Linux Mint on it wanting to make it a dual boot computer, but Linux wouldn't give me the option to do that. It only gave me an option to erase Windows and install Linux only. I have...