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    Dive right in... the water's fine

    Just commenting on how at this time there are 6 members and 498 guests online here. Jump in, you lurkers! The water's fine.
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    Ubuntu won't let me sign in.

    When I get to the first splash screen in 18.04 , it says 'unable to start session' . It doesn't recognize or accept my password. On this dual boot (Win7/ Linux) I have tried booting from older kernels, same. At times there has been a terminal screen but I dont know the commands that might...
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    [solved]: To clone or to image?

    Hello all!. Firstly, I'm an older member, not new as displayed, but am unable to sign in with previous credentials jfyi, so have created a new account. I'm mentioning this to clarify that Linux and I have been buds for about 10 years. I have Mint solely on a laptop, a dual boot Win 10/...