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  1. Harshith Reddy

    E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

    Hello. I'm using elementary OS hera(6), I tried to install elementary tweaks, but in return I got this response, [email protected]:~$ sudo apt install elementary-tweaks [sudo] password for harshu: Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done...
  2. Harshith Reddy

    Mint KDE

    I have been using Linux Mint Cinnamon for quite a while and now I'm thinking to try KDE plasma for my Mint PC, which can be installed by sudo apt install kde-full which I got it from here. But the question is that can I completely remove cinnamon after installing KDE plasma, if I can remove it...
  3. Harshith Reddy

    Animations in MATE desktop

    Hello, I am currently using Ubuntu MATE in laptop and it seems that there are not a lot if animations in this distro. Is there way to add animations like minimising and maximising the windows.:) And is there a possibility to adjust panel transparency in Cupertino Layout
  4. Harshith Reddy

    Gnome on Mint

    Can I install gnome or even pantheon desktop on Linux mint
  5. Harshith Reddy

    Is Elementary OS (beta 6) compatible to my laptop...

    Is Elementary OS (beta 6) compatible to my laptop specs are given below processor: Intel pentium P6100 2.0 GHz RAM: 4GB 320GB HDD :)
  6. Harshith Reddy


    I don't know whether it was an OS problem or a Hardware problem but you clearly can see the problem in the video given below
  7. Harshith Reddy

    Panel deleted

    Hey i have mistakenly deleted my only panel in kali Linux Is there a solution to get back my panel Please help asap
  8. Harshith Reddy

    want to switch to Ubuntu

    I am currently running zorin OS lite 15 with no problems I have an old HCL me laptop, Laptop specs: Intel Pentium 2.0 GHz 4 GB of ram 320 GB hard disk HDD (I'll mostly be using brave browser and zoom meetings applications only) I want to install ubuntu 20.04 on my laptop since the requirements...
  9. Harshith Reddy

    Zorin OS getting frozen

    Whenever I keep my zorin idle go a few minutes , and then if I do any activity it suddenly gets frozen And then I have to hard shut it down and it happened twice. Although it's zorin OS lite Is there a solution, please help.
  10. Harshith Reddy

    OS required

    I have an old HCl me laptop to rescue, Laptop specs: Intel Pentium 4 g620 2.0 GHz 4 GB of ram 320 GB hard disk HDD Please recommend me an OS that runs smoothly (I'll mostly be using brave browser and zoom meetings applications)