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  1. blackneos940

    After 90 days of study, I am still learning but not sure what size USB drives to get

    Hello there good sir!..... :3 Welcome to linux.org!..... :3 So anywho, what condobloke referred to good suggestions, but might I make some more.....? :3 I find Kubuntu also good for those who are used to Windows, since it has a single bar at the bottom, with a menu, that can be...
  2. blackneos940

    How Do I Tap Onto An Icon On The Kubuntu 19.04 Plasma 5 Desktop To Open The Associated Application?

    That's the thing..... :( When tapping with my finger, it doesn't register as a click event, and that's how my client uses her All-In-One.....
  3. blackneos940

    Does Anyone On Here Know C# And Use Mono?

    Thanks, bud!..... :3 I really appreciate it!..... :3 Yeah, I also figured that since C# uses Classes, someone on here might know what I was talking about..... :3 Anywho, I'll copy the Code, and study it thoroughly, so I know what's going on..... ;) Again, thank you!..... :3
  4. blackneos940

    What is Devops and what are the technologies used in Devops?

    It's early morning, and that's probably what I'd do too..... :3
  5. blackneos940

    Touchpad Keeps Stops Working While Using Keyboard

    Here ya go!..... :3 Virtual core pointer id=2 [master pointer (3)] ⎜ ↳ Virtual core XTEST pointer id=4 [slave pointer (2)] ⎜ ↳ PS/2 Generic Mouse id=11 [slave pointer (2)] ⎜ ↳ SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad...
  6. blackneos940

    Touchpad Keeps Stops Working While Using Keyboard

    I wish I could..... :3 But alas, I have not enough room to use one..... :< It's weird, as I haven't had problems before.....
  7. blackneos940

    Desktop Locks Up

    As Rob said, it sounds like an issue with either your Graphics Card or your VGA cable..... :( Hey, do you have the ability to hook up via HDMI to a TV or Monitor that supports such.....? :3 That would help us rule out any problems you might be having..... :3
  8. blackneos940

    SSD support in Linux

    Homer face!..... :3
  9. blackneos940

    SSD support in Linux

    I just saw the Wizard and Homer reaction faces, so I had to add them!..... :D But 90 Distros..... That's inSANE!..... :D
  10. blackneos940

    Touchpad Keeps Stops Working While Using Keyboard

    Hey guys!..... :3 How are ya.....? :3 So I fired up Minecraft today, and started a new World..... Everything was going alright until I tried to turn while walking..... :< Oh noes!..... :3 For context, I'm running Lubuntu 19.04, with the Plasma 5 Desktop Environment..... :3...
  11. blackneos940

    How To Reconnect My Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server To The Internet When I Can Still Access It Locally?

    Nope..... :( No go..... :( I'm just going to start from scratch..... :) It shouldn't be too long..... :)
  12. blackneos940

    How To Reconnect My Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server To The Internet When I Can Still Access It Locally?

    Ok!..... :3 I'll give it a shot, and let you know what comes of it!..... :3 But I didn't know that about Google..... :(
  13. blackneos940

    SSD support in Linux

    Well then..... :) That was informative!..... :3 Well put good sir!..... :3
  14. blackneos940

    How Do I Compile VLC? I Keep Having Trouble With Qt.

    Yeah, I wanted to wait this one out..... :D I wanted us both to learn something..... :) But thank you SO much good sir!..... :3 Another way I found was to install the full Qt5 from Qt's website!..... :3 I guess there are TWO ways to do this then!..... :3
  15. blackneos940

    SSD support in Linux

    Oh no, it's a 32GB eMMC Card, not RAM..... :D Did I leave that out.....? :3 Anyway, a loved one accidentally knocked it on the floor and now it's toast, as I was able to put it back together before, but not very much was holding it together..... :( R.I.P. My Beloved X205TA... You will...
  16. blackneos940

    SSD support in Linux

    Well then!..... :) Think I'll add some Swap to my 32GB eMMC then!..... :) Thanks for the info good sir, and I'm sure it will help OP out too!..... :3
  17. blackneos940

    SSD support in Linux

    Well, that's new to me!..... :3 Well, I should have known, since the UNIX philosophy is "everything is a File"!..... :3 I was just saying to avoid creating a Swap Partition since SSDs aren't good with constant writes from Swap, unless..... Swap under Linux has changed.....? :) Feel...
  18. blackneos940

    Can not install package libwrap0-dev on KUbuntu1604

    Glad to hear it!..... :3 Yeah, updating Ubuntu to the latest version available usually results in good things..... :3 If it's LTS, which means Long Term Support (suitable for Servers) it's at 18.04, and if it's non-LTS, it's at 19.04 I think..... :)
  19. blackneos940

    SSD support in Linux

    Hey there good sir!..... :3 I never met you before!..... :3 How are ya.....? :3 And yes, @shastrycs, SSDs are well supported, but you may want to avoid setting a Swap Partition, which has an equivalent in Windows called a Page File I think..... :) Also, I think TRIM is enabled by...