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  1. dos2unix

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

  2. dos2unix

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Pretty much just MATE, but it's easy for me to navigate around.
  3. dos2unix

    Configuring CentOS 7 with two IP addresses on Same LAN

    what is the output of "ip addr" and "netstat -nr" Just curious, since your gateway is on the same subnet as your IP addresses why not use a /24 netmask? (
  4. dos2unix

    Cannot install any distro of linux

    I would probably try downloading gparted. https://gparted.org/download.php Create a whole new partition table on the hard drive. (I recommend gpt). Don't create any partitions, don't format it. After that, try installing your distro.
  5. dos2unix

    Join two hard drives in "/" directory

    Use Logical Volume Manager https://www.howtoforge.com/linux_lvm
  6. dos2unix

    Bind DNS Server

    also whenever update the zone files, be sure to update the serial number in them. Also be sure to restart the bind-dns service. (I prefer dnsmasq myself ) Finally, what are the actual IP addresses of the servers? Are these static IPs or are you using dhcp?
  7. dos2unix

    Bind DNS Server

    In your "forward zone" file, you don't need the fully qualified name. You can just use the name... i.e. ; name servers - A records ubuntuserver IN A ubuntuweb IN A ---------------------- But this probably isn't your problem. Having a DNS server...
  8. dos2unix

    Cool Shortcuts

    bash history is cool too. if you type "history" , you'll get an output of the command you've typed in the past. .... 719 free -mh 720 lshw -class disk 721 lshw -class net 722 netstat -nr 723 cat /etc/resolv.conf 724 exit 725 uname -a 726 nmcli con up eno1 727 glances...
  9. dos2unix

    How to Wipe Hard Drive (Ubuntu 18.04)

    The linux way :) Boot from a live distro. Go to a console (terminal) and type the following commands sudo fdisk -l this will probably give some out put similar to the following... Disk /dev/sda: 489.1 GiB, 525112713216 bytes, 1025610768 sectors Disk model: Crucial_CT525MX3 Units: sectors of...
  10. dos2unix

    why everything is so big?

    You could always build your own, add or leave out whatever you don't want. http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/ But that's time consuming, and you have to have another distro temporarily to build from. You could also do a "net install". For example centos and fedora (likely Ubuntu too?) have...
  11. dos2unix


    By default. ESXi tries to use the entire disk, but even it you tell it not to... ESXi rebuilds a new (MSDOS type) partition table, and re-formats the disk during install. Once this happens, you pretty much need a professional data recovery. $$$$ Even then they will likely only recover whatever...
  12. dos2unix

    Access Ubuntu and Cent OS servers which in network using FQDN instead of IP address

    When you say "a few", it's hard to know how many that is. If it's say a dozen or more, I would go with Rob's idea above. It it's only 6 or 7 or so, you can add them to your /etc/hosts However this could be over written at reboot, to prevent this in CentOS add this line to your...
  13. dos2unix

    Having issue installing fedora 30

    pxeboot, means you're trying to boot from the network device first. I would either make sure my boot order was set to boot the hard drive before it tries to boot from the network, or else just turn off the boot from network option if possible.
  14. dos2unix

    Identifying which HDD driver is required for my 16.04 LTS Server installation

    login in a "Live" USB distro. Run "lspci" Post output here.
  15. dos2unix

    Yum update errors

    You will probably need to go back redhat 7.x. Any of the repos above that have a "7" in the name aren't going to be compatible. i.e. cloudlinux-x86-64-server-7 litespeed/7/x86_64 different kernel, different libraries, different binaries. You could force an over-ride, and you might get lucky...
  16. dos2unix

    Yum update errors

    Since I see kernel 4.19 on here, I am assuming you either "upgraded" to Redhat 8.0, or installed it from scratch? I am wondering what yum repos you have enabled? #> yum repolist enabled I am wondering if you have some redhat 7.x repos enabled?
  17. dos2unix

    Which 'dbus' directory are they reffering to ?

    These are the two directories I have. Usually when I need to make an edit, I edit the one under /etc /etc/dbus-1/session.conf /usr/share/dbus-1/session.conf
  18. dos2unix

    Can't remember my password to authenticate

    The short answer is... No it isn't stored anywhere you can see it. A work around that "usually" works. The caveat is that you have another linux box with a password that you "do" know. There is a file called /etc/shadow. It will likely have quite a lines in it. There will be a line similar...
  19. dos2unix

    How Do I Compile VLC? I Keep Having Trouble With Qt.

    You need the "dev" packages. ibqscintilla2-qt5-dev/bionic 2.10.2+dfsg-4 amd64 Scintilla source code editing widget for Qt5, development files libqt5charts5-dev/bionic 5.9.5-0ubuntu1 amd64 Qt charts development files libqt5gstreamer-dev/bionic 1.2.0-5 amd64 libqt5opengl5-dev/bionic-updates...
  20. dos2unix

    How to get all installed Desktop Applications with Licence info using Linux command

    I'm not sure there is a "one size fits all" command for this. For example on Redhat/Fedora/CentOS you could do something like "dnf info tree | grep License" If you wanted to list everything, you could do something like.. #!/bin/bash for i in `dnf list installed | cut -f1 -d.`; do dnf info $i |...