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  1. TechnoJunky

    Configuring CentOS 7 with two IP addresses on Same LAN

    Well, it sounds like it's not hardware, but I'd still try swapping the cables. Just to rule it out. If it's not that, then it has to be software settings. Unfortunatly I can't help much here, but I"m sure someone eles on here can. I do know though that you can configure your NICs to be...
  2. TechnoJunky

    Delete Crashed Ubuntu From HP - 15 - Laptop

    If you can't boot to the CD Rom, then buying a new hard won't help. It's possible you have a bad CD Rom. If you have a pen drive, you can load the live ISO on it instead. YOu only need a small 4 gig one, should be able to buy that for $5 - $10.
  3. TechnoJunky

    Delete Crashed Ubuntu From HP - 15 - Laptop

    What do you mean by you can't get rid o fit? You can format any drive and get rid of any data on any drive. Unless the drive is dead, too small, or in some other way defective, you don't need to buy a new drive. If you don't need to retain any data from the "scrambled eggs" drive, then I...
  4. TechnoJunky

    Tell me what you want to learn

    Yeah, if you break your video and can't get into the gui, you might have difficulty trying to restore with Timeshift. It would be better to know how to fix it, than how to restore it. Also, usually when this happens we're talking about a new install and Timeshift might not have been installed...
  5. TechnoJunky


    Here's a copy/paste from WineHQ itself: Ubuntu - WineHQ binary packages for Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, 18.10, and 19.04 Debian - WineHQ binary packages for Debian Jessie, Stretch, and Buster Fedora - WineHQ binary packages for Fedora 29 and 30
  6. TechnoJunky

    New to this forum

    Hello and welcome ReginaBob. Yes, Xscreensaver is a great app. It's been around for years. I got into Linux back in 2007 and had it installed back then. There's an "addon" screensaver you should check out called Electric Sheep https://electricsheep.org/. After installation, it's another...
  7. TechnoJunky

    Preferred OS for servers.

    Akshat, I'd say it depends on what you're building the server for and your preferred OS. If you're building it for work, in an enterprise setting, then RHEL is the best option. You get support for your servers and sometimes you need experts to reach out to, who will get you your answers ASAP...
  8. TechnoJunky

    Need help with installation of kali linux 2019.1

    Something else you can try is to modify grub on the boot menu to add nomodeset, right after "quiet splash". This fixes many video issues during installations.
  9. TechnoJunky

    syntax error near unexpected token ('

    You can also surround the text with quotes, may be easier than using the backslashes. mv "video (4).mp4" ./download/whatever/
  10. TechnoJunky

    Join two hard drives in "/" directory

    I'm going to say don't do it. You shouldn't use an SSD and an HDD as a single drive, as you're thinking about or as I think you're thinking. Both devices have different read/write speeds from each other. If you were to combine then as I think you're thinking, you could have errors and issues...
  11. TechnoJunky

    Linux Remote Desktop - How-to, the safe way

    I just saw another thread about this on the forum that was locked. The OP posted something that appeared to be not a good idea, but Remote Desktoping into your Linux box IS a good idea, especially if you run a headless node, or are just too lazy to get up and go over to the other computer. I...
  12. TechnoJunky

    Tell me what you want to learn

    Some of this I know how to do, some I don't. Just ideas for you. how to setup a DNS server how to setup a print server how to setup an NFS server basic bash scripting setting up Samba security in Linux, what settings changes you should make on a new Linux computer (i.e. change SSH port). how to...
  13. TechnoJunky

    Doing first Dual boot install

    You can install each OS to their own hard drive, and this is probably the preferred way, but you don't have to. The reason this might be preferred is that one time I seem to recall, Windows realized that it wasn't master of the MBR and refused to install an update or something. It was many...
  14. TechnoJunky

    why everything is so big?

    And just as an FYI, my first computer had a 20 MB hard drive and 1 MB of RAM (you were 7 or 8 at that time), I know all about hardware needs increasing over the years. I've spent countless $ with upgrades, usually because MS made the requirements. I can also tell you that you'll spend a whole...
  15. TechnoJunky

    why everything is so big?

    Hi Sean, welcome to the Forum. Don't let my comments below run you off :) It's called progress. In order to stay small and old, you can't progress. If you want a browser that is on 20mb, you can't have the current HTML 5 support, you'll only get HTML 2 (I pulled those numbers out of the air...
  16. TechnoJunky

    Please! Recover possible deleted/unmounted hard drive

    @Free Spirit, this is called hijacking someone's thread. It doesn't matter if you're here or at any other forum, you shouldn't jump into an existing thread and start explaining your issues, unless the thread is about a bug and you're saying you have the bug too. In this case you aren't joining...
  17. TechnoJunky

    Identifying which HDD driver is required for my 16.04 LTS Server installation

    well, you can look at the buildsheet that came with the computer. You could look at the purchase order for what was ordered. You could contact Dell and give them the serial number and ask what they sold you. You could open the server and see where the drive cables go. Do they go into SATA...
  18. TechnoJunky

    Identifying which HDD driver is required for my 16.04 LTS Server installation

    In all the years that I've been installing Linux, dating back to 1998 (I think was my first installation) none have ever asked for a driver for the hard drive. Now granted I've always had standard IDE or SATA drives, until this laptop with an SSD. But never once was a driver asked for. What...
  19. TechnoJunky

    kali Linux 2019.2 on Windows 7