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  1. old timer

    Arch Linux vs Debian/Ubuntu Linux

    Hello forums, Okay I have to ask what's the advantage of Arch Linux over Debian/Ubuntu Linux. Thanks
  2. old timer


    Hello forums, New day new adventure. In another thread "EndeavourOS" was mentioned several times and since this is about trying different Linux distros I figured I stray from the norm and step on the Arch base. The install went without issue although I had to dig out a wireless usb adapter...
  3. old timer

    Ubuntu 21.10 ‘Impish Indri’

    Hello forums, Hope this is in the right place if not I guess it will get where it needs to be. Anyway I've been reading about Snaps or Snapd and decided to see what that's about so I installed Ubuntu 21.10 ‘Impish Indri’ and it works good. I know not every piece of software is a Snap package...
  4. old timer

    Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween!
  5. old timer

    Updating Linux.

    Hello forums, sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade VS update manager any advantage between one over the other. Thanks
  6. old timer

    I'm Back.

    Hello Everybody I'm back and all is well and with good news. I never located my backup hard drive no idea where it's stashed. I did find another computer I had and it has two 120 GB hard drives and 8 gigs of memory. :cool: Second time installing Linux was a lot easier than the first time. I...
  7. old timer


    Greetings Been using Windows OSs for years without problems or complaints although Windows 8.0/8.1 and Windows 10 ain't the Windows OSs I'm accustom to and things change. Anyway I've been reading about Linux and decided what the hell I'll give it a try so I dug out the old Windows 7...