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    [Solved] Manjaro KDE boots to black screen after updates

    Hello! First, for sake of transparency I posted this early today on the Manjaro forums, but so far only views and no replies. Unfortunately, I can't seem to fix this and that means I'm getting no work done today. :D After updating today, I can only boot into a black screen. I am currently in...
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    Installing a new distro while keeping /home partition

    I have my /home on a separate drive and would like to install a different distro while keeping /home intact. I saw this post but wonder, will this work going from a Gnome DE to KDE, and from a Debian base (Pop) to Arch (Manjaro), as long as I'm making the edits from apt to pacman? Edit: This is...
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    Troubleshooting random system shutdowns

    Hello! I've asked in a few different communities and while most are helpful, the results have been really limited. I should say first that I've been using Linux for about 6 years, but to troubleshoot deeply or to understand logs is beyond my ability. My laptop has been randomly shutting down...