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    Anybody know how to code extension?

    I'm trying to code extensions/runners. Be able to run all basic files and formats. I have tried other dept., and topics, it didn't seem like it was wise. Anyone have a clue on installing and running? It needs to run all these at minimum: .nsp, .ipa, .exe, and other custom extensions? Or creating...
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    Anybody have any idea how to code this thing?

    I'm trying to add activator to Linux, but coding iso image is almost practically impossible. Can anyone help? Please no Wizard man, and he's not Gandolf.
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    Joining New Existing Linux Distro

    Hi everyone Linux Administrator granted me permission to make new Linux Distro by joining one to make it my own.
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    How do you make and design your own Linux distribution?

    I'd like to make new Linux distribution. Can someone help? Ubuntu CentOS Debian Fedora Slackware Mint Xubuntu Arch OpenSUSE Red Hat Slackel PureOS Mageia PCLinuxOS Puppy Zorin BunsenLabs Kubuntu Manjaro Bodhi Netrunner Neptune Kali Black Lab Solus