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  1. MacgyverPT

    Stream with Raspberry Pi 4

    Hi all. To help my brother stream to the youtube channel he's creating, I remembered to use Pi as a machine to stream directly. It does capable or is it better to forget about this idea?
  2. MacgyverPT

    How to install Debian on MacMini (2009)

    Hi guys. I've a old MacMini (late 2009 => Core 2 Duo CPU (P8700) @ 2.53GHz, 8GB PC3-8500 DDR3 RAM @ 1066MHz, Nvidia Geforce 9400M, 80GB HDD) and I was sick of OSx, so I want install a fresh new flavour on this machine. The choice was obvious and we called Debian :D The process is very simple...
  3. MacgyverPT

    New Laptop

    Hi guys. I've try post this question on "Laptops/Netbooks" secton, but I have insufficient privileges to post there, so I decided write on this one. I want buy a new laptop for programming (python, Java, PHP...) so I saw this laptop (Bladebook Fall 2018) with Manjaro. I like this laptop, so my...
  4. MacgyverPT

    Hi Penguins!

    Hi all! My name is Miguel, I'm from Portugal and use GNU/Linux since 2006. After I finish the High School, I bought my first laptop (Sony Vaio) and, after pass the 15 days warranty (portuguese law for change the stuff if we didn't like them) I formatt the hard drive and install the best...