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  1. Lord Boltar

    I need help please bc calculator

    Have a look here -
  2. Lord Boltar

    Ansible error "PORT STATE SERVICE 5986/tcp closed wsmans"

    You have this error - Try this - you may have to install pip first sudo apt remove -y python3-cryptography sudo pip3 install cryptography
  3. Lord Boltar

    Game that returns a buffer overflow error

    this game was written for Debian 3.0 which came out at the end of 2002 - probably not going to work anymore since codes have changed - the game also requires SDL Developmental Libraries Also from SDL Github site it says - "The 1.2 branch of SDL is deprecated. While we occasionally collect fixes...
  4. Lord Boltar

    OS failed to load / execute - even after fsck

    You can use Disks to check and repair your file system - just highlight the section that is giving you problems click the gear icon and select "Check Filesystem" if errors are found then click "Repair Filesystem"
  5. Lord Boltar

    Network unclaimed, NIC issue

    Looks like a bug have a look here -[email protected]/msg5936760.html
  6. Lord Boltar

    install HEASoft in Manjaro

    HEASoft is available in the AUR Repositories - "how to know where is heasoft installed ? i have problem in initialization of heasoft " have a look here - /etc/profile.d/
  7. Lord Boltar

    How do I grant USB disk access to other apps?

    Since Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu Did you install Audacity via Snap? - if so - try enabling Read/write files on removable storage devices So if the application does not have auto-connect of removable-media we need to connect it manually with: snap connect audacity:removable-media
  8. Lord Boltar

    Ansible error "PORT STATE SERVICE 5986/tcp closed wsmans"

    Might want to have a look here -
  9. Lord Boltar

    How to install windows based software not in software manager

    You could use PeaZip - PeaZip is an Open Source (LGPLv3) cross platform archive manager software, providing encryption and compression functions, which open and extract over 200 archive types including mainstream formats like 7Z / XZ / TXZ, ACE (*), BZ2...
  10. Lord Boltar

    Red Star OS

    Yep I agree
  11. Lord Boltar

    Red Star OS

    Yep there is no such thing as International Copyright laws only country specific - each country makes it's own copyright laws and cannot be internationally accepted.
  12. Lord Boltar

    Access to an HDD on Linux Mint 20.0--SOLVED

    If you are just trying to format your HDD to use it as storage - Mint has Disks installed by default - (AKA) gnome disk utility - here is step by step to format your drive using it - in this example I used a thumb drive but it works the same on any drive just highlight the drive you want to...
  13. Lord Boltar

    Can you add the Add-on HTTPS Everywhere -...

    Can you add the Add-on HTTPS Everywhere - to it and see if that works
  14. Lord Boltar

    Pine Me

    Here is your picture of a Yeti - LOL
  15. Lord Boltar

    Red Star OS

    Seems like a novelty to me - just say no - Even if I only spoke Korean I would not use it - here is one to think about - is Red Star really open source? I don't think it is and therefore a violation of GPL
  16. Lord Boltar

    Problem starting Thunderbird and Tor-Browser (occassionally firefox esr, too)

    Bus Access Error can be caused by a couple of things 1) faulty package(process) 2) bad or not suitable (so) shared library 3) hardware problem I doubt it is number 3 a hardware issue more likely software 1) or 2) In Synaptic try to remove Thunderbird and make sure you check "Mark for Complete...
  17. Lord Boltar

    Problem starting Thunderbird and Tor-Browser (occassionally firefox esr, too)

    Try this - nohup thunderbird
  18. Lord Boltar

    Problem starting Thunderbird and Tor-Browser (occassionally firefox esr, too)

    Tor browser recently updated to 11.0.1 - right click the "start-tor-browser.desktop" file and open it with your text editor and see where it is pointing to it maybe pointing to the wrong place. Thunderbird uses "lock" files. Can you try removing or renaming the ~/.thunderbird folder which is...
  19. Lord Boltar

    Linux freezes

    What is the output of inxi -Fxz from Pop OS terminal the Mesa/Nouveau default drivers did update on or around 10 Nov, but if you have an NVIDIA GPU you might want to install the NVIDIA drivers because it is hit or miss with the Mesa/Nouveau drivers for that - I believe your machine has an NVIDIA...
  20. Lord Boltar

    [SOLVED] Trouble With Audio Input Devices

    Basically a chipset in an integrated circuit known as a "Data Flow Management System" that manages the flow of data between the processor, memory and peripherals.