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  1. SpongebobFan1994

    The Evolve Movement

    For those of you who know me, you know full-well that human rights abuse appalls me. Rather than occasionally getting into flame wars about it (which does nothing in the long run), I've been slowly working on a project that will potentially abolish the causes of it once and for all. The only...
  2. SpongebobFan1994

    Helping My Fellow Men Become Gentlemen

    For the men reading this who want help with improving their style, grooming, charisma, etc, but don't know where to seek it, I recommend I especially encourage them to read this article from the website about what it means to be a gentleman in modern times...
  3. SpongebobFan1994

    Can't Access DistroTube's Gemini Capsule

    After getting into exploring Gemini and finding some of the content interesting, I decided to see if I could watch one of DistroTube's videos on his capsule. Even though the link gemini://, I somehow received an error message saying "Network/TLS failure". Idk how to troubleshoot this.
  4. SpongebobFan1994

    What Would You Do With Discontinued Browsers?

    Shout out to @stan for inspiring me to ask this One unfortunate situation in the Linux community is a lack of funding and staff for software development, which sometimes leads to developers closing up shop and discontinuing their projects. For this topic, I'm going to refer to discontinued...
  5. SpongebobFan1994

    This is Facebook's Answer to their Numerous Criticisms

    I'll be waiting for it to crash and burn, just like every other product they've created
  6. SpongebobFan1994

    LibreWolf Won't Let Me Make it the Default Browser

    Whenever I go to the "hamburger" icon at the top right of the screen, and then go to preferences, I get this notice saying "LibreWolf is not your default browser" I'd obviously change that so it would be that, but as you can see, the "make default" option isn't highlighted. I've tried...
  7. SpongebobFan1994

    My (At-First Paranoid) Thoughts About the FontOnLake Malware Attack

    When I was typing and posting this thread originally, I wasn't thinking as clearly as should've been at the time, so take what I said with a grain of salt. You'll notice I'm more rational in my update...
  8. SpongebobFan1994

    Twitch Was Hacked Recently My niece happens to be one of the streamers, so I'm concerned she might become a victim of doxxing and online harassment. Not to change the subject, but because of the recent controversies regarding Chrome now being able to...
  9. SpongebobFan1994

    Blurriness on Odysee

    I've been recently watching some videos on Odysee more often, and if I play them online, the picture quality is blurry, but if I download them and watch them through a video player, it's perfectly clear. I'm guessing this is a compression issue coming from Odysee's servers? How do I resolve this?
  10. SpongebobFan1994

    I'm Thinking About Upgrading the Hardware of My Lenovo X200 Laptop/Tablet

    Because my device is 13 years old, and has gradually become slower and under-performing because of that, I would buy a more modern one to replace it. However, being that most (but not all) modern tablets are rather expensive, and I'd have to remove the proprietary software off of it again, I've...
  11. SpongebobFan1994

    My Thoughts on How Linux Gaming Could be Taken More Seriously

    While I was watching a lets play of Xonotic earlier today, I was thinking about how Linux gaming has gradually developed more of a presence over the years, and that in-turn made me want to put the idea out there for a magazine dedicated to it. Granted, before that can become a reality, gaming on...
  12. SpongebobFan1994

    Amazon Astro is Fine if You Don't Mind In-Home Mass Surveillance

    Just watched this video. If you thought Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, or Cortana were spooky enough, you haven't seen nothing yet.
  13. SpongebobFan1994

    How to Fix SMPlayer Buffering Issue

    I recently was encountering buffering issues with SMPlayer, so for anyone who's encountering that same problem, here's a simple trick to fix it: Go to Options>Preferences>Network> lower the playback quality. After I changed mine to 480p, it played flawlessly. Idk if that has something to do...
  14. SpongebobFan1994

    Running Stock Android Without Using Google

    As I continue to look for a new phone, I still am finding very few recent phones that are not only capable of running either Lineage or Ubuntu Touch, but also are good, and in my price range. Some people have recommended the PinePhone, and after watching the most recent review of it, it still is...
  15. SpongebobFan1994

    Created a Partition, and Now USB Won't Work (Solved)

    I'm still looking forward to hiring a software developer to help me create the Gift Economy Network. After I finally know how much it would cost to create software, I plan to take a loan out. One of the ways I plan to pay off that loan is to put Linux software onto USBs and selling them. After...
  16. SpongebobFan1994

    There Needs to be More Art and Less Brands

    I was talking to one of my friends last night about Green Lantern, and it got me thinking about why most people (including me) know the names of superheroes, but don't know that many (or many specific) things about them outside of the movies, TV shows, or merchandise. After thinking about it for...
  17. SpongebobFan1994

    LaGrange Gemini Client Tips and Tricks

    A while ago, I made a thread about how I don't see myself using the Gemini protocol because I found the look of it too simplistic after watching reviews from DistroTube and Chris Were, and because the developer of the protocol openly admitted they didn't want to replace the web. However, my...
  18. SpongebobFan1994

    SMTube Won't Download Videos [solved]

    I recently installed SMPlayer and the SMTube add-on so I can watch videos without going to YouTube directly. While searching for videos is fine, every time I click on a video in order to play it, the SMPlayer icon blinks red and says "Connecting to Unable to download webpage".
  19. SpongebobFan1994

    From Prototyping to Legitimate Devices

    While I've seen videos of the amazing things people have done with Raspberry Pi's and other similar devices, have there been some projects that actually went past the prototyping phase and into mass production?
  20. SpongebobFan1994

    Names of Linux Vendors

    I was recently using TuxPhones to learn which phones and tablets are compatible with Linux because I'm still looking into upgrading my devices (I now have the money to finally do that). While I did find at one least phone I was thinking of getting, it reinforced how Linux still isn't...