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    Deleting trial information of an application

    Hi. I have a 30-day trial application on Linux Kali and it already prompts for license key ... even when I remove it and install it again it's the same ... how do I delete some hidden local information about the fact that it has been used for 30 days already?
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    Zend Debugger not working in Linux Kali with Apache and Zend Studio

    I've been working on Windows in PHP for many years using Zend Studio and Zend Debugger which is great. Now I'm trying to set this up on my Linux Kali installation and I'm having some problems with this. I have installed newest Apache 2.4.46 and PHP 7.4.x from debian repositories (using apt)...
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    Resizing Linux system partition

    Hi. I have GRUB which detects Windows 7 and Linux. There is 1 disk and 4 partitions: windows-partition windows-partition(OS) free-space linux-partition(OS) I'm thinking how to extend the linux partition with the free space... I see 2 solutions here a) using Disk Genius on Windows or...
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    Can't connect to Windows Server using Remmina

    Hi! I've been using RDP on Windows 7 to connect to Windows Server and it works fine. Now I'm trying Remmina and I'm sure I entered right login and password and it just can't connect. Have you ever had any similar issue with this? How can I solve this? Thanks.