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    Closest version similar to Windows (SOLVED)

    Thats not true, I have been using latest Rufus and burned windows 10 iso windows 11 iso file without any issues and able to boot the USB without any problem
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    Drivers from igpu ryzen 3 5300u

    Ubuntu 21.10 has Linux Kernel
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    Chances are good, you *maybe* heard it here first!

    Lubuntu impish release website has KGIII name as contributors
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    Running Stock Android Without Using Google

    You can visit LineageOS website. They support wide range of devices and then you can buy one . Flashing google apps is optional and you can flash Lineage OS on supported device in a simple way Unlock the bootloader (if you are planning on buying a phone, make sure OEM support bootloader...
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    How could a hacker accessed Admin's Home directory?

    Home directory is not private. Ubuntu 21.04 made home directory private by default on new installation. Try Ubuntu 21.04 and dont connect your WiFi network or LAN network and check if you still get tmp files
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    How could a hacker accessed Admin's Home directory?

    If you are telling the truth, Why don't you just file a police complaint against your neighbour ?
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    Wifi, ethernet connected, but no internet. This can be used for Internet not working issue
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    Wifi, ethernet connected, but no internet.

    It will happen, if you have connected to VPN and network and your PC turn off due to power failure.. Issue is related to DNS server so internet will stop working untill you connect to VPN network again (this may overwrite the DNS server) I also faced internet problem when my PC turn off due...
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Ubuntu 21.10
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    Connected but no internet

    Can you try USB tethering and verify whether internet works or not ?? I had faced such problem before and there is no solutions to that except reinstalling the OS (At least in my case i was running Ubuntu 20.04, 21.04 & 21.10 and couldn't able to find proper solution to No Internet issue)